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As I am sure I’ve said in the past, I usually don’t do much Christmas knitting. After frantically getting ready for a craft show right before the holidays, the last thing I want to do “for fun” is more knitting. However, every once in a while a project pops up and I acquiesce. This year I am working on a pair of mittens for my nephew. They are the largest pair of mittens I have ever made in my life. Did I mention he’s 20 years old (and perhaps 10 feet tall)? Firstly, I am more accustomed to making fingerless mitts, so they are never as long as the whole hand. Secondly, he’s just got really long fingers. Thirdly, I have a habit of making things to fit me (and I have little hands).

mittens for Michael

As I was making these mittens, I just kept laughing at how long they were. I asked Rich to try one on and it looked fine. I also realized that it appeared to be long enough to fit my foot, so I will admit to putting it on. I’ll wash it, I’ll wash it! Since it was such a quick project, it kind of inspired me to make a tube sock… Yeah, that seems weird, being “inspired” to make a tube sock, but maybe it wouldn’t take me four years to get a pair done. I suppose it would also help to use worsted weight yarn.

Comparing the size of my mittens to the pair I made for Michael



7 thoughts on “christmas knitting

  1. Wow, I don’t think I could ever wear your mitts! I have so much trouble finding ones that are large enough to fit me, even most patterns designed for women are too small. At least I can still make ’em, though! 😀

    1. That’s funny! I had the opposite problem. The fingers in mittens and gloves were always way too long for me! But we’re knitters now, so we’ll never have to worry about problems with sizes. hooray!

  2. Those are some giant and great looking mitts. If they were for the boyfriend, I’d call them ogre-sized.

    Also, I recommend socks with afterthought heels. They almost seem to knit themselves.

    1. Afterthought heels… how much of an afterthought can they be? You have to leave a spot for them don’t you? Hmm.. may do some reading on that since that darn heel on my foot is making the fabric of the tube sock stretch obnoxiously.

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