this year it was the crickets.

I am having a difficult time readjusting to “this” life after being Genevieve for a little while. Being at Pennsic isn’t so much a vacation as it is a lifestyle. I can enjoy the outdoors without having to make special arrangements. I get exercise every day without having to make time for it in my schedule. I watch the moon travel across the sky each night. I sleep so much better. I don’t watch TV. Everything I need is right there. It’s so simple.

I hate coming back.

My house feels alien. The yellow kitchen looks so bright. My bed is uncomfortable. I can’t see the sky. And of course I have to get back into my routine, whatever that is.

Remember when I said I didn’t have anything planned for this year? Well, that was true, so when an opportunity to work at one of the merchant booths fell into my lap, I accepted. So from Wednesday of the first week to Friday of the second, I worked at Carolina Calicoes as a “fabric pixie” (that’s what one of the customers called me). Measuring, cutting, folding yards upon yards of linen. It was a great experience and the shop owners were wonderful to work with. At least it was something totally new and different!

I took a few pictures of the camp, but they aren’t very interesting…


common tent


And just to prove there were people in camp…

in camp

in camp

4 thoughts on “this year it was the crickets.

    1. well, I think Guinevere is too well-known (Arthur and all), plus I wanted my nickname to be “Evie” so I found a name that could be a foundation for that.

  1. It was nice camping next to such a quiet camp… hope the baby alarm did not wake you too much… from the family in the wall tent next door with the supper high day shade 🙂

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