So, generally I don’t get involved in things. I don’t stand on soap boxes or make speeches about things. And I don’t like to advertise for companies when I have to put out money for something. For instance, buying a shirt with a store’s logo on it — shouldn’t they be paying me to advertise for them?

Despite all this, I am pleased to be chatting up someone’s business: EcoEnclose, a company out of Colorado that manufactures eco-friendly shipping supplies. I first saw their link on another blog, clicked through, requested a sample, and nearly a year later when I needed envelopes, I ordered. With so many sizes to pick from, it was fun and easy to put together a little sampler pack. They have bubble mailers, cardboard mailers, boxes, and poly mailers. The best part is that they use recycled materials and many of the items are reusable. With more orders going out and shipping prices going up, I love how light the mailers are. But I really like that the products are made in the USA and they are very affordable. I would also like to mention that they have great customer service and a very positive vibe.

Since I am genuinely excited about this company, I haven’t had a problem telling friends about it. That is why I decided to go ahead and join the team by becoming an affiliate. Because if I’m going to continueadvertising for them, I might as well get something out of it, right?


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