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Had a good time at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival this past weekend, despite the heat, dust, humidity, and crowds.  It was our first time going, so I didn’t know quite what to expect, just that it is big and busy.  And it was both those things.  Saturday morning my first stop was at Zeilinger’s to drop off the Romney fleece, but on the way I ran into Cosy and we went through the competition fleeces.  I bought a 8.5 pound Corriedale and left that with Zeilinger’s too.  In a few months I shall have some new pretty white roving to dye and spin!  The funny thing about having your fleeces processed is that you spend a lot of money, but you have nothing to take home with you.

I remedied that however, by purchasing a few items.  For instance, I picked up four bars of soap from Got Soap?; purchased the Greener Shades starter kit, something I’d been eyeing for a while; a fluffy lambswool duster; a bottle of Power Scour; a jar of maple cream; two balls of undyed Jacob roving to satisfy my customers’ need for dark mittens; a Coopworth roving sampler; a small clay sheep; and a MDSW apron from a previous year and the current year’s lapel pin.


The grand prize of the weekend was the stand for my Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom that Rich got for me as a ‘house-warming’ gift, plus he bought the adorable little niddy-noddy from Kromski too.  Now I am ready to get busy this summer! (when I have no free time because I’ll be moving!)

grand prize!

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  1. Yay! You got great stuff! I went on Saturday but didnt stay very long because of the heat! I shopped fast, bought some roving to spin, and left!

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