follow-up: dye day

There are a few things I am good at.

  1. Procrastinating.
  2. Making a mess when cooking.
  3. Dyeing colors that clash.
mismatched colors
Handdyed locks. Corriedale cross. Romney. BFL/Merino cross.

As you can see, these are the locks that I dyed on Monday. Individually they are okay, but together… ugh! I am not the type of dyer that has a pretty little palette of colors in her head when she gets to work. Instead I pour this or that in a pot. Not even thinking about it as I go. Sometimes I take a bit of dye out of one pot and add it to another. Colors blend and swirl. It’s always a bit of a mysterious adventure.

bfl/merino cross
Handdyed locks. BFL/Merino cross.

I suppose a few of these could work together without assaulting the eyes. Now I’ve got to get them bagged up, weighed, and labeled before the weekend. Will you be coming to Woolfest?

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