friday’s question

Dirty dishes. Crumby kitchen floor.

Those are about the only two things I can’t live with in the house. A pile of unwashed dishes just makes the entire house smell awful, especially if onions were used in the creation of the meal. And the longer they sit there, the crustier they get. The pile just grows and grows until your drawer is empty of spoons and the bowls are teetering precariously on the edge of the counter. I find it much more satisfying to have an empty sink and nothing lingering. I hate lingering.

And since I’m already in the kitchen washing the dishes, I tend to notice when the floor needs to be swept. I cannot stand the feeling of random little “things” stuck to the bottom of my foot, sock, shoe, or slipper. But since I am a messy cook, food often finds itself on the floor. Not to mention everyone who comes into the house walks through (and carries things into) the kitchen. So, I keep the broom close at hand.

However, if I see that the carpet needs to be vacuumed – whatever. Or the toilet is looking scummy – meh. Perhaps there is something in the corner of the living room that requires sorting – so what. But if that sink is full of dishes, I am there.

I had a photo of the epic mess I made last night fixing dinner. Cheese enchiladas (tomato mess, cheese, onions) and mexican rice (more tomato mess, plus carrots, onions, rice)… except I deleted them this morning. Rather than dragging the photos from my camera into a folder on the desktop, I dragged them into the recycle bin where they were immediately deleted due to size.

Question: What household chores get done immediately? Are there certain things you cannot put up with? What chores get ignored? Do you find yourself leaving one mess for days, but continually pouncing on another?

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