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Yesterday I discovered a new spot for taking photos. It’s on the same side of the house — the south side — but the window is a little farther down. It all started with my cat wanting to sit by the window, but not wanting to sit or stand on the crates. I put her basket by the window and she finally sat in it, but she would stretch all the way across the crate to reach the basket. Later in the day I took a leaf out of the dining room table. While I was looking for a place to stash it, I realized it fit perfectly across the top of the crates. Now the cat can get to her basket and her fur won’t fall through the holes onto my yarn. But then I wanted to take a few quick photos while I was in the wool room, so I cleared a spot by the window. At first I thought the wood would be junky looking, but I think it works. And the light isn’t bad there either. Of course, it all hinges on getting it at the perfect time of day and hoping the sun is out. But I was pretty excited to find a new photo spot! I’ll have to experiment and see how the hour effects the light.

sassy cuffs with buttons  sassy cuffs

The one on the left was taken in the new spot and the one on the right is at the previous spot. Which do you like better?

Question: What is your photo taking process? Do you have a special spot you go to for pictures? Do you always try to use natural light? Do you adjust the pictures on the computer afterwards or do adjustments with the camera?

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    1. wow! That is so much better than sassy cuffs! You win the unofficial naming contest! I’ll send you one… along with the wristler I owe you…

  1. Ideally I’d have a spot set aside always ready for taking pictures, but that hasn’t happened yet. Usually I use my white foam-core boards as a backdrop, and set them up on a card table outside; has to be an overcast (but not rainy!) day. I ALWAYS use natural light, and a tripod if the light is low. It’s a bit of a hassle to set up/break down the table every time, so I don’t photograph my stuff as often as I should. I try to crop & get good exposure in-camera, but in the end do some editing on the computer (another time-suck!)

  2. I typically take photos in my living room on the coffee table–right now, around 9am is best (windows face east). I have sheer curtains up which help diffuse the light. Sometimes I put a big blank sketchbook down for a white background.

    These are all taken in the same spot:

    I like both of your shots, but the new spot seems to have better lighting!

    1. Your coffee table makes for a good background – a nice neutral color with interesting woodgrain. But that white is so crisp! I think the photo of the necklaces is my favorite. I’ll have to try that sometime. Whenever I use a white backdrop it looks dingy to me. I must not have the white balance set correctly. Keep experimenting!

  3. Good questions! I prefer natural light from my windows, but at times I take photos indoors at night. I don’t have the best arrangement, but I use an ott light and a regular light. Stinks, but sometimes I have to share now!! LOL! If I take photos indoors it’s usually with foamcore in the background. I use the whitebalance on the computer afterward. Naturally lit photos always look way better to me though.

  4. I usually end up in one spot outside on the back porch to get the best light. It’s a rare thing sometimes.

    You’re spot seems a lot safer than mine. I lose stuff over the side of the porch every once and awhile. The cat doesn’t help either since he has to be in middle of everything.

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