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Still talking about buttons. Someone told me a while ago that only crazy people have button collections. And then I thought about two groups I am a part of: the Society for Creative Anachronism and fiber artists. Both have button collections. Both could be considered crazy. To be honest, I have a set on Flickr dedicated to buttons. It isn’t overflowing with photos, but still, it’s there.

buttons i've had
Some buttons I have had.

I don’t really know what is so appealing about buttons. I’m also aware that I have far more buttons than I could ever use in my life. But it’s nice to have a large selection from which to choose. Plus they are an interesting link to the past.

Question: How do you deal with buttons? Do you buy them for a specific project? Do you keep a collection around? Have you ever selected a project to showcase a button? How do you like to buy your buttons? A large random assortment or individually?

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  1. I also have a button collection but it doesn’t seem as sizable as yours. Mostly I buy on a project by project basis or when I see a few nice ones on clearance. Then I sort them by color. Easier to pick them out that way.

    1. I sort by color too! That is my favorite part. And it looks like I have a huge stash, but I have given away a lot of those buttons over the years. Now that I am a vendor, I’m gonna sell ’em! Ha!

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