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Several years ago, when I was in college, I was given an older Fricke drumcarder. It was being discarded by the university art department since they no longer had a fiber program. Someone rescued it for me and ever since it has haunted me. They usually cost$500-700 new, so to get one for free is amazing. However, I was intimated by it for a long time. I used it a bit at first, just making batts of a single color. Then I tried a bit of blending, but nothing too exciting. Seeing how popular art batts are right now, I wanted to try to make them, but I had no idea how to get there. Until I came across a video on YouTube posted by Ashley Martineau of Neauveau Fiber Arts. It talked about making a “sandwich” with the fibers and then sending it through the carder. Of course, mine aren’t nearly as thrilling as the ones she makes, but generally I’m excited to be making these and more importantly, using my drumcarder!

a day of carding

Question: Is there anything you have been intimated to try? How did you overcome your “fear” of it? Have you worked on anything new this week? What encourages you to try new things?

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    1. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure what you do with them either, apart from spinning them into yarn. It’s a nice prep – very airy and light!

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