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I used to think I liked change. When I was a kid, it meant getting my furniture rearranged and sure, that was fun. Now, as an adult, it means something more. It means packing and unpacking all your belongings or updating every document containing your name or learning a new building and new people at a new job. This week I didn’t have to deal with things on that scale, but making the adjustments for my new website has been stressful. Jeremy did a great job making it look pretty and he’s been so helpful with all my frantic questions. However, I’m still rattled. My old blog had been essentially the same since I started it in 2007, so yes, it was due for an update. But now I have all these customizable options that I didn’t have to deal with before. I can change this? Yes! But where? And that too? Maybe. But how? What does this do? What does that mean? The spacing is weird here. Well, you can’t do anything about that.

I’m trying to decide what should be abandoned with the old site and what should remain. What are the most important elements? Suddenly I have no idea what’s going on. And I’m afraid I’ll lose my readers in the transition.

Question: How do you deal with change? Would you rather keep things the same than learn something new? What do you think of the new site? What should stay and would should go?


3 thoughts on “friday’s question

  1. How do I deal with change? I just try to take it easy. One day at a time…as it comes to me. I think the new site is nice! Very simplified. Kind of wish your bolded post titles and links in your nav bar were orange though. It’s my favorite color, lol! Completely selfish desire. 🙂

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