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When I first started knitting, I felt compelled to hunt down every single yarn shop within an hour’s drive and visit them all.  Rich would ask, “Where are we going this time?”  And then we’d hop in the car, driving off to some unknown town (pre-GPS) simply to check another shop off my list.  Of course I had to buy something since we’d gone to all that trouble to get there.  In fact, I’d feel rather guilty if I didn’t.  Eventually I wandered away from purchasing commercial yarn and started spinning.  Finding shops with fiber and wheels was much more difficult.  I would scour the ads in Spin-Off, hoping to discover some previously unknown gold mine.  Occasionally something would pop up, so off we’d go again, and I would feel compelled to buy.  Then I found out about fiber festivals.  These are considerably more exciting for the spinner/multi-hobbyist.  At first I would come home with gobs of stuff, but it has slowed down recently.  I look at all the lovely things and hesitate to buy.  As a dyer and spinner, I appreciate what others are doing, but I want to go home and do it myself.  That’s when I realized why I feel so drawn to vending.  I want to be a member of the fiber community, but being purely a consumer is not enough.  By creating and selling, I can still enjoy attending all the different events, without the pressure to purchase.  Instead I am the one putting that pressure on other people!

Additionally, I have become much more aware of fiber content.  I began with acrylic yarn.  Not just that, I was excited about it.  But then I discovered wool and decided to stick with it.  Now I am very interested what type of wool, what breed I am buying.  The more you know, the more you want to know.

 Question:  How has your interest in fiber arts changed over the years?  Do you focus on one aspect more now than you did before?  Have you become disinterested in a particular thing?

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  1. Spinning! Becoming familiar with various sheep breeds and their wool characteristics have led to much more satisfying end products. Learning that using all alpaca would make a saggy sweater was dissappointing though! I hate weaving, but with 3 looms in the house, I have to. Dyeing is an adventure, sometimes a train wreck. I can’t NOT knit.

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