golden geometry

Thanks to everyone for your enthusiastic congratulations on my news. So far we haven’t made any specific plans, and frankly I don’t know where to start. But whatever we do, it’ll probably be weird! I’ll keep you posted. 😀


Whenever we go visit my friend Laura, we always stop at these two funky junk shops (my dad doesn’t like that I call them “junk” shops) that have not been restocked since 1975. They sell a lot of stuff, but a large majority of it is fabric. One store has mostly quilting stuff and the other has draperies. Since I was there last weekend, and in an appreciative mood for the unique and vintage, I picked up a few yards of this stuff:

golden geometrics

The plan is to make into a bag for my Kromski loom. I realize it’s not going to be padded, but then again, I’ve been bumbling around with the loom for a month or two with nothing protecting it. Mostly I need something to keep everything together. I wish it had a date printed on it!

golden geometrics

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