good to go!

At this point I would say the Greener Shades and I will get along well.  Somehow I suffered through the remaining alpaca yarn and they came out quite nice.  I find it interesting when dyeing yarn, how much a difference reskeining makes.  Right out of the pot, all the colors are bunched up and blotchy.  But after you reskein the yarn, the colors are redistributed throughout and you get a better sense of the colors together.  So much better!

These skeins are large – most are at least 8 ounces, some more. My favorite is the blue/green one in the photo below.

handdyed alpaca

handdyed alpaca

handdyed alpaca

And because April specifically requested seeing these, here are the very first two skeins I dyed with the Greener Shades.  I suppose they aren’t that bad looking, better than I had originally thought anyway.  I’m not sure what I’ll do with them.  Most likely incorporate them into a pair of mittens since neither one is very large.

handdyed wool

One thought on “good to go!

  1. Those new skeins are stunning. I’m also quite partial to the blue/green beauty.

    The orange/brown is definitely intriguing. I think it’d look great as a pair of mitts.

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