great lakes fiber show

The weather was beautiful here on Saturday. Get in the car, drive, drive, drive… arrive at the fairgrounds at 9:30. I went first to the skein competition table to enter my skeins. The more I looked at my 2-ply the less confident I became. I got stuck behind a woman who was entering 16 skeins! I swear she was the same woman I got stuck behind last year!! She turned around and said some nonsense to me about not standing there waiting. I can’t help it if you are hogging the entire table! More on this later when my skeins come back.

  • I managed to obtain everything on my list in some form or another. Almost immediately I bought a huge box of Rambouillet roving. It’s not a fiber I’m terribly familiar with, but at $20 for the box, I couldn’t resist. However, after getting it home and trying it out, I’m not sure it was a wise decision. The spongiest, weirdest fiber I’ve ever experienced.
  • Also bought a GORGEOUS white fleece, Bluefaced Leicester/Border Leicester cross. It’s from the same farm I bought Sage’s fleece from last year. She had his again; this one is from Marigold. So curly and soft soft soft. $3/pound.
  • I wanted another bobbin for my Sonata, but there was only one Kromski vendor present! And she only had the dark brown bobbins, not the light ones. I bought one anyway to save on shipping. I’m not overly concerned with the inconsistency in color.
  • Also got a needle felting tool that holds six needles – much quicker than one needle at a time.
  • Found some blank cards with sheepies on them to send as thank-you notes for graduation gifts. 
  • It was hard to think ahead far enough to know what I will need in the future, but I’m fairly happy with my acquisitions. There’s also the interweb for emergencies.

As for the sending off of the fleece… 

Romney fleece

It went much better! Thank you Zeilinger’s Wool Mill. You are professional when others are not! I got a 20% discount for paying with check and I saved on shipping. He actually gave me a receipt and an expected time of arrival (August!) and I have faith in their ability to deliver my clean and processed fleece in a timely manner. Well done. 😀

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