hat to hat

It might be possible that I haven’t knitted a hat in over a year.  That makes me a wee bit sad.  What I have been doing all that time?  Probably not a whole lot of knitting, actually.  The last hat I made was the Green Circles in September 2009.


This hat, ironically, was supposed to be something similar to a hat I used to wear when I was a kid (and now does not fit).  It was long and tubular, flopping down, with gathers at the top and a huge pompom.  It did not end up that way at all.  But I still enjoy wearing it.

The reason I say “ironically” in regards to Green Circles is because the hat I just finished today happens to be my second attempt at recreating that child’s hat!  The newest one has been made out of Cosy’s Rainbow Chard handdyed yarn.  I think I’ve gotten closer to the shape of the original hat and I added a pompom too.  I’m not sure if that hat still exists someplace, maybe in my old bedroom.  Perhaps I’ll try to recover it and then I’d have a better idea of it’s shape.

floppy striped hat

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