hello, october!

As you are aware, Saturday was the first of the month.  And the first time I dyed since June (or perhaps May).  When I tried Greener Shades initially, I bought the starter kit, which contained all of their colors. However, when I reordered, I decided not to order the green, purple, or black (since I still had some left).  I spent the morning mixing up new stock solutions.  It’s amazing to me how differently each color reacts during mixing.  The yellow seemed to absorb the water and doesn’t necessarily dissolve well; I actually strained it with cheesecloth.  The blue became oddly fluffy and the red turned into a glob like taffy.  My suggestion is to keep hot water close at hand.  They don’t like being mixed with cold water.

stock solutions

Eventually all the colors were prepared at a 2% stock solution if I correctly understood the included instructions.  My fiber of choice for the day was the lovely silver grey Romney fleece I had purchased at Mustard Seed Farm this spring.  I left it off with Ohio Valley Natural Fibers and it was returned to me while I was at Pennsic.  I couldn’t be happier with the end product!  And pulling them out of the dyepot was just too exciting.  Most balls ended up in the red family, but the colors are so subtle and mellow.  I will have to spin some myself, just to see…


3 thoughts on “hello, october!

  1. Yep, the Greener Shades dyes require hot, hot water for mixing…the yellow gets flaky when left at room temp and you have to get it hot again before mixing and such, but not sure what happened with the red and blue for you…hope you will post pics of your dyed roving!

  2. Yes, I want to see more pictures too 🙂 I’ve been wanting to play with dye but so far havent ventured past kool aid and natural dyes. Maybe I’ll check out what you mentioned.

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