indie knit & spin

Back from Indie Knit & Spin in Pittsburgh, PA. We had a great, supportive group come through during the day. And of course it was a pleasure spending the day with like-minded people and talking about wool. We’re all jazzed up and planning for next year.

booth at Indie Knit & Spin
Booth at Indie Knit & Spin, Nov. 2011

I took this picture of Olive last weekend while I was photographing my fibers. She always finds the sun spots and she’s always squirming around when I try to take a picture.

sunny cat in motion

2 thoughts on “indie knit & spin

    1. heehee. I don’t think that’s weird. Because I want to do the same thing, except when I have all the wool heaped on my living room floor. It’s hard to resist.

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