I would like to introduce you to the latest addition to the Gwen Erin Natural Fibers family:
Bristles, my new Strauch Mad Batt’r drumcarder.

mad batt'r

She is the child, or grand-child, or even great-grand-child of Whiskers, my Fricke drumcarder from the 80s. Not sure how generations work in the drumcarder family tree. But I do know that Strauch carders are descended from Frickes, or so I’ve read.

Anyway, after a great deal of consideration, reading, pondering, discussing, more pondering, and a bit of “let’s just do it!”, I finally made the leap. I’ve had Whiskers for many years, and he has done a good job getting me started. However,  I feel that to remain relevant and competitive, I needed a newer machine. Everything I heard about the Strauch machines was positive and I like the other tools I have from them. Since I knew there would be a vendor at Great Lakes who sold them, I went to talk to her. I probably had already made up my mind at that point, but I was glad to talk to a real person. Then I went back to the booth and talked to Rich.  And then we bought it.

I waited until I got home Sunday night to get it out of the box. Immediately I could see a difference in the quality of the batts it produced. Much smoother, more blended, and of course thicker. I’m looking forward to further experiments!

4 thoughts on “introducing…

    1. Not sure… When she was sitting next to me, she would reach out her little paw as the drum would go around. But she is also scared away by the sound of the brush going across the top of the drum. She gets big eyes and runs wildly around the house.

    1. Thank you! I am excited to really get into experimenting with the new machine. Also, Olive would probably be just as effective as creative director as whatever I am doing right now. Maybe I should offer her the position. 😀

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