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The great thing about setting up at shows and festivals is getting to meet people. Whether you are sharing information or making sales, it’s just great to interact with customers face to face.  The other great thing about shows is that you can really learn from your customers and get ideas for the next project.

I learned a few things at the Apple Castle this weekend.  First, I need more stock (but I already knew that).  People don’t like you to make the decision for them, and if you only have one or two of something, they won’t buy it.  They like to pick from a variety of colors and patterns.  Second, I need to offer more alpaca.  There are a lot of farms in this area and people know about them.  They know they are soft and cute and they want to wear it.  I have plenty of alpaca fiber at home, but I just haven’t spent the time to spin it.  Third, I learned how to accept credit cards using the Square.  I was so excited by the whole thing I got a little flustered, but overall it was a great experience.  I’m glad to be able to add that to my business, since I’ve noticed that younger people don’t tend to carry checks, but they do use plastic.  Fourth, I finally realized how a newsletter could be useful.  I just thought that my blog was sufficient, but a newsletter delivers the information directly to the customer.  If I have a coupon or new product I want them to know about right away, I can’t expect them to find it on my blog; I need to bring it to them.  Fifth, I need to be better organized and take my time.  And finally, I could probably talk less.  I suppose it was a good weekend for learning things.  This was also the first time I did a craft show outside of the McDonough.  I passed out a lot of fliers for Indie Knit & Spin and found out a lot of folks there are from Pittsburgh.  And I had a general schedule of upcoming shows I’ll be attending, so I distributed those also.

I suppose, in all, this was a successful outing.  As Rich said, it isn’t solely about money.  You need to find out what your customers are interested in, discover ways to improve your business, and just get out there to remember why you are doing this!

Thanks everyone who stopped by to visit.  And welcome to my blog!

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