look like an annoyed stallion.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think I am backtracking as far as my knitting capabilities are concerned. So many of my current projects are not getting finished; not just abandoned out of boredom, but frogged from frustration. I feel like I’m knitting quite regularly, but not getting anything accomplished. Nothing to show for my efforts. 

The mug cozy was started 3 or 4 times, but eventually given up on entirely. Sometimes projects make me so mad, I don’t want to make any attempt to finish them. Sometimes I find things half done that were completely forgotten about. I found the feather and fan test swatch this morning. It’s only a few inches long, but I needed the yarn for my weaving project, so I bound off, leaving it a useless 6 or 7 inches.  The cardigan, on the other hand, was rolling along really well. I got so much done in such a short amount of time. However, now I’m to the sleeves and it’s really annoying, not to mention I don’t know what I’m doing – when to decrease? So, it’s been stuffed in a bag and left for now.

feather & fan cardigan in progress

On the Kromski loom I’ve got this little wooly scarf that has been laying around for months. Ok, maybe not as long as I thought. The photos were uploaded in September. You’d think in 8 months I could have finished it. But no. It’s annoying me too. I hate the way the color has turned out – you can’t see the warp threads at all! And my edges are really bad. Now I’ve got something else in mind and I want to get it off the loom. Do I cut it, ending up with lots of short lengths of string and a short, useless “scarf”? Do I rush through just to get it done? Or do I let it wallow on the loom and never get anything else accomplished? 

Well, I brought the loom to work with me this week. While gallery sitting, I’m going to get the stupid thing done! I want to wash it and see if some of the annoying parts are lessened.

Swish Scarf

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  1. Oh no!! I know exactly how you feel… I used to be terrible at finishing projects, until I started knitting. I used to think I was absolutely incapable of finishing anything up. It’s so frustrating. I try to do only one project at a time, although that doesn’t always work either… I have an intarsia project languishing on the needles as I write. Sigh… how to get it all done!

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