making time.


There are so many times when I get online and think, “boy, I should write a blog entry!” And then I don’t. Partly I just don’t want to take the time. Partly I feel like I have nothing worthwhile to say. I’m doing things, but it’s all the same things I’ve been doing for months! I spent this week labeling fiber. I spent the week before carding batts, and the week before that I was dyeing. And repeat.

Today's project: labeling all of these. #handdyed #wool #Falkland #BFL #widn

Plus there are so many other sources of information now. I’m on Instagram and loving it. Although it’s gotten me a wee bit competitive (in a good way). When I see everyone else posting their yarn and fiber, I think, “damn, I gotta get busy!” My point is that if you want to get the most up to date log of my activities, it’s probably best to follow me there. I just got a stash of vintage Lopi yarn and I am looking to get rid of it. $5 per ball. There are a few browns, two shades of green, some grey, and a LOT of dark charcoal. I’m keeping the white. If you are interested, we can work it out. I’m also planning to take some of it to A Knitter’s Fantasy which is coming up soon in April.

Recent acquisition: many skins of vintage Lopi. Anyone looking for bulky? #yarn #wool #singles #forsale

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