my journey to the ladybug

Many years ago – I’m thinking about 10, maybe more – I got it in my head that I needed a new spinning wheel. I already had an older Ashford Traditional that I bought used, but I felt that I was ready to move on to something else. It came down to two wheels: the Kromski Sonata or the Schacht Ladybug. Why these two wheels? I can’t say now what attracted me to them. They were in my price range, easy to take on the road, and charming. In the end I bought the Sonata, but the reason wasn’t profound. It came down to me doing the thing that I always do. Making a decision based on the path of least resistance. When I was car shopping, I bought the first one I found because I wanted to stop car shopping even though I hated the color. I bought the Sonata because my local yarn shop was a Kromski dealer. She had one in stock, so I spun on it, and then I took it home.

Fast forward to last year. Schacht comes into my life with full force. I have the Cricket, the Flip, the Matchless, and of course, the Ladybug at my fingertips. I’ve been using the Ladybug for the bulk of my spinning and I LUUUUURV IT. I find it difficult to describe the differences between it and the Sonata. It just runs so smooth and works just right. What would be different now if I had found this wheel 10 years ago? Buying that Sonata sent me down a Kromski path. I bought the Harp too. Now I’ve completely switched to Schacht. My Sonata is gone. My Harp is gone.

These tools have been replaced with a Ladybug and Flip. I like how solid they feel, how effortlessly they work. The wood is so smooth; the lines are simple and clean; all the parts have a purpose. It appeals to my design tastes and practicality.

I highly recommend. Five stars.

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  1. Schacht. I am immersed in their products too. The Wolf Pup, ( for teaching and demos), Baby Wolf, (my workhorse), 2 Crickets, to use and to teach with, 2 inkle looms, Zoom Loom, and now an Easel Weaver. I started with them decades ago, and it is always a dependable and a delight to use. I drag a lot of my equipment around to demos and classes, set it out and weave. I see other folks struggling and fiddling and frustrated with their equipment. They maintain balance, the wood doesn’t look old, just aged, smooth and strong. The brakes are still stout. I never miss an opportunity to tell people how well they are engineered. Good equipment make learning so much easier. I have, on occasion emailed or called Schacht with questions, and there is very quick response. Good stuff.

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