new hat for mom

My mom requested a new hat, so I decided to get right on it.
I started it on January 8 and completed it on January 9.
And then I gave it to her before getting a photograph.
But a few days later I took it home to get a picture.
And then I didn’t get around to photographing it for weeks.
But today the sun came out.
So I finally got a picture of the hat
And now I can give the hat back to her.

She says it makes her think of Spanky from Little Rascals.



Pattern: Reggae by Emily Rossa Field
Yarns: Handspun, handdyed domestic wool and handspun natural wool/alpaca blend

5 thoughts on “new hat for mom

    1. We’ve been having a mild winter too. Although I have been wearing hats in the house, so my mom will likely still wear this one.

    1. It always happens to me. I blast off in a hurry, but get bogged down by something miniscule, like taking a photo!

      Thanks. I didn’t make it quite as long and full as the pattern suggested. I was afraid of two things: running out of yarn and ending up with a giant chef’s hat. My gauge wasn’t exactly “right”, so I thought it was going to end up big enough. It did.

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