new year, go for it!

This new year, I’m starting off with knitting something I’ve never tried knitting before.  As you are aware, I’m generally not a huge fan of light-weight yarns.  I don’t spin them, I don’t buy them, and I don’t use them.  But I’ve been trying to spin all ranges and that leaves me with some lighter weight yarns.  One of those I spun this fall while I was at the Volant Pumpkin Festival.  It is made from handdyed Bluefaced Leicester and named Kaleidoscope because of all the colors.  Originally I intended to sell it, but my friend Johanna saw it and suggested I make something for myself.

The yarn is DK weight and I have about 300 yards, so I wanted to knit something light and drapey with it.  Plus, Cosy is always making lovely little shawls, and after seeing her work on one while wearing one, I just had to try it for myself.  The hardest part was deciding on the pattern.  I searched Ravelry and looked through my pattern books.  Eventually I decided on Floe by Hannah Ingalls [rav link].  The most awkward part was starting, since I’d never tried anything like it before.  In the instructions she has “mark center stitch” which confused me, so I put markers on either side of the center stitch.  Unless that’s what she meant…  Regardless, I’m happy with the progress and it’s growing quickly, although there is still a long way to go!

new year shawl

new year shawl

4 thoughts on “new year, go for it!

  1. It’s really pretty! When a pattern tells me to mark the center stitch, I usually end up with markers on both sides. Not sure if that’s what’s intended, but it works. *shrug*

  2. I also put markers on either side of the center stitch. when I mark the center stitch itself with a safety pin or a lobster claw marker, I end up forgetting to move the marker up as I knit. and then, of course, I end up gettting my knitting off-centered. :/

    that’s some lovely yarn you spun! the colors work really well together as two-ply. 🙂

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