out with the old!

In with the new – dyes that is.  At the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival I purchased a Greener Shades dye starter kit.  Having just finished up all the remaining Cushings dyes, I’ve been rather anxious to try the Greener Shades.  I’ve had them mixed and ready since Sunday and finally was able to get to dyeing today.  I started with three small skeins of undyed commercial wool yarn I had lying around.  They ended up a little weird.

Next I got out some yarn I brought home from an alpaca farm in town.  I’ll be doing a demo at the farm during the National Alpaca Farm Days.  Due to her lack of time and my abundance of time, I volunteered to dye a few skeins of creamy white for her to sell the day of the open house.  These are coming out better than the first skeins.  Sadly it is making my kitchen smell like a salon. <shudder>  Hot, wet alpaca fiber does not smell nice the way wool does.

dyed alpaca

dyed alpaca

2 thoughts on “out with the old!

  1. I’m curious as to how weird the first skeins turned out.

    Anyway, I love the colors in both of the pots. Hopefully the salon smell doesn’t last too long.

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