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Just a few days till we board our time machine and head back into the 12th century (or something like that). I’ve been packing up various items such as clothes, shoes, towels, toiletries, bedding, food. I am responsible for everything “in the house”. Rich takes care of the big stuff that lives in the garage.


Before I can pack the stuff that needs to go, I have to unpack what remained from last year. Some thoughts that run through my mind as I pack: what is this? Do we need this? Did I wear this last year? Will I wear it for the first time in 7 years if I bring it? We’ve never used this. Where did this come from? No wonder this box is so heavy, it’s full of metal spear tips. It’s hard to pack light since we take a lot of the camp’s gear, like the shower and water system. This year we have a beautiful new shower floor and fixtures. I’m sure it will be disgusting in mere days (hard water deposits).

Now that all the obvious things are packed, I have to address the most difficult portion: projects. Over the years (9 of them) I go back and forth between bringing lots to do and bringing very little to do. It gets hot there and sometimes all you really want to do is lay around and fall asleep, not have wool in your lap. Other times you’re busy visiting camps and wandering through the merchants. Or perhaps you spend your days in the class tents. But this year my Pennsic friend isn’t coming and there are not any classes I want to go to. So it looks like I need to bring something to do or spend my days lounging. Of course, we are having a few visitors throughout the week that may appreciate a companion, so I’ll probably spend some time with them.

But what do I want to work on? If this is truly a vacation, then spinning and knitting could be considered work, however, I have a few shows coming up. I really need to get some knitting done and I wouldn’t mind using my drop spindle. Perhaps I will bring some yarn and if I feel so inclined, I will feebly cast on and then promptly ignore it. Also, I’ve been reading the Sword of Truth series by Terry Goodkind and I will likely spend all day on that. And then there’s the lazy part. Too lazy to pack the stuff and too lazy to use it when I get there…

It’s a mess, but it should keep me occupied. So far I’ve got two unfinished knitting projects; two spindles, one with stuff already going; odd balls of yarn for cuffs; and fiber to spin. I’ll probably bring it all home untouched.

going to Pennsic

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  1. I like it when you post about SCA! Now that the weather is nice in the Pacific Northwest, we have a camping event pretty much every weekend (the Portland, Oregon area has a very large and active SCA). I’m helping to host 12th Night, and I’m working on fancy winter garb for that (probably a Gothic fitted dress) and wearing a cavalier’s outfit to camp in that my friend’s son wore when he was 13. Since I’m in garb making mode, will you write a post about what you wear to events? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kate! Glad to hear you’re getting active in your local group. I’d love to see pictures of the garb you are working on. I am definitely planning on taking more pictures at Pennsic this year, so I will do some focusing on garb. I just wrote about a set of tunics I made for Rich a week or two ago, but I haven’t made anything new for myself in a couple years. But I’ve got lots of fabric I want to dive into soon! I’ll keep you posted.

    1. Ooh! That’s cool. I’ve got some madder in my stash. I’ve thought about dyeing out there, but I really don’t want to pack up all the gear. Perhaps I could just take some of the water home with me! ahahaa..

        1. How thoughtful! Thank you for sharing. If I ever get back to natural dyeing (which I really would like to do), I will have to try this. 😀

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