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I realize the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival was two weeks ago, but it’s taken me about that long to get back on track.  I had been sick prior to the festival, got better for the weekend, and then got way worse when I got home.  ?Then our computer, with all of my important files and photos on it, went D-E-A-D.  Luckily Rich knows a tech guy at work who managed to save my beloved files, but I’ve lost all of the programs.  Trying to get back to where I left off without falling asleep first, has been difficult.

Regardless, I can say I enjoyed my time at the festival.  Met lots of neat people, talked up Knitter’s Fantasy, made a few sales, and bought some fiber for dyeing.  I was quite pleased with my table set-up, although it was a bit crowded.  This is all on a 4-foot table.  I just kept rotating the braids around and encouraged people to dig through them.  Though I did try to group them color.

table set-up

I also had a three-tier folding bookshelf that I just bought to put at the end of the table.  I needed something to display the bags of locks and it seemed to work qutie well.  The crates are handy for storing and transporting the goods before being used as a display and I can stack them any way I want. 

table set-up

Ana (from Wren & Rita) had her table set up next to mine.  She has the most adorable bags and needles cases.  She and I swapped our goodies – some spinning fiber for this super sweet little zippered pouch.  I really enjoyed the contrast between the inside fabric and the outside.  But it was hard to choose from all her lovely prints. 

wren & rita pouch

I also bought a pound of Teeswater locks from Susan’s Fiber Shop.  These are from her own sheep.  They’ve got great lock structure and luster.  I’m excited about dyeing them!

teeswater locks

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