processing a fleece pt. 2

Last week I finally got my fleeces boxed up and sent off to Michigan. It was an all day affair. First I had to get the fleeces packed into bags. Then I had to cram them into a box. However, I couldn’t find a box large enough for all three. Since I wanted to ship via UPS, I went to a mailing store intending to get a bigger box. They had one on hand and helped me get everything ready to go. It’s out of my hands now!

Rosita’s fleeces took the most work. I started by laying out a sheet in the living room upon which to spread them out. Next I went through the fiber to make sure I hadn’t left any pieces of paper behind, otherwise I would end up with confetti in my roving!


Next it was time to get it bagged up. I had a heavy duty plastic bag from a previous shipment of returned roving, so I crammed all the fiber into it. I tried to pack it down from the start, so I didn’t have as much squeezing to do later. It started out big:


But after sitting on the bag to compress the fiber and push out the air, it was much smaller! The other two fleeces were still in the grease and didn’t change as much in size after compression. The finished box weighed around 30 lbs with each bag weighing around 8 lbs each. I’m excited to get these back and spin them! Now for the waiting…


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