sakura shawl

I purchased a scarf/shawl kit from Fiber Craft Studio at Rhinebeck last weekend. I stumbled into their booth because it was an open space and then I got trapped when everyone else decided to browse too. They had really gorgeous yarn in there, and they were dyed with plants! I always love looking at other people’s successful natural dyeing experiences, thinking maybe someday I’ll end up with something that isn’t just easy yellow. Anyway, the kit I purchased contained green and pink yarn. But it was so hard to decide. Should I go with something totally unlike me or stick with what I like? The green is my standard and the pink is something a little funky. Or so I thought. Well, apparently I think that a shawl
My new project looks remarkable like this camisole I made in 2009.
frock cami cont.
Or this hat I knit last Christmas.
floppy striped hat
For someone who claims not to like pink, it seems to show up rather frequently. The latest pink and green incarnation is going to be a shawl. I was not so inspired by the kit pattern, so instead I decided to do a half-circle shawl using this really awesome cheat sheet. Being totally new to the shawl game, I wasn’t sure how to go about shaping them. Now I know! Mine is just totally basic with garter stitch and yarn-overs. Next time I’ll try something a little fancier.

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  1. The same thing happens to me 🙂 At festivals I find myself standing there trying to force myself to buy a different color roving than what I usually buy, and even when I think Im buying something different, I come home and find the same color roving already in my stash. There is no fighting the colors that we are drawn to I guess!

    1. Glad to know I’m not crazy! I’m always trying to pick something I wouldn’t dye myself, but then I realize if I liked it and wanted it, I would dye it myself! But mostly I am trying to support other dyers, so in the end that’s the most important thing.

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