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For some reason I feel obligated to mention the obvious: today is Election Day. I am so glad that the ads will finally shut up! And whatever happens, we just have to move forward. I live in Ohio, which is a big deal apparently. We live in a smallish town, so I am not expecting outrageous lines, but I may bring a knitting project just in case. In the end it feels somewhat futile, as Husband and I will cancel each other out with our votes.

Once I get that taken care of this morning, I fully intend to spend the day MAKING BATTS. Back in June I spent two days just cranking through my stash of odds and ends. When I brought the batts to Woolfest I didn’t think anyone would be too interested, but over the past few months, they’ve sold! Also, I pulled out a few to do another sample skein (since someone bought the first one right away). Now I just have a handful left, so I want to work on a new batch for IKS.

june batts

This event has also given me clarity on my lack of organization. As I was making my list of things to do for Indie Knit & Spin, each item just ended up in a non-chronological jumble. And every morning I look at my list (or don’t) and still waste a great deal of time trying to decide what to do. I need more structure if I am to get more done. I’ve been working from home since February and it’s been fun, but with the year coming to an end, it’s a good time to reevaluate and restructure.

While at Target yesterday I picked up a few things to help me get things in order. I got a few of those wall mount file boxes for “things to deal with” and “things to file” or something. I have file boxes, but I apparently I need an interim spot for those items since I do not file them right away. The most exciting thing was this dry-erase calendar. Now I can get more exact with planning each task and keeping on track for an upcoming event. I’ll have to move a few things around to make a place to hang this up, but it’s going to be awesome! Because I say so.

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