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Finally getting to share these photos from Great Lakes. I used my new “check-out counter” for the first time. It is also from Woodland Marketing, so it folds/stores/transports easily and it matches the other lattice shelving that I have. I love that I can hang yarn from it and attach my sign with no problem. Once I get a shelf in there, it’s going to be even better.

Overall I am very pleased with this layout. There is more room for expansion if needed in the future. Having a spot for Rich takes up some space, but I’d really hate to be there alone all day (not to mention the weekend)!

Great Lakes Fiber Show

Great Lakes Fiber Show

I used the “in-between” shelves again this time for the batts. We cut those last summer, but I didn’t start using them until last month. Once I get the spacing down, it will look less tweaky. Guess I didn’t realize I was still a bit low on inventory – the bottom shelves aren’t full. Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me to get ready for Woolfest.

Great Lakes Fiber Show

Sitting there during the day, it felt like the traffic was slow. However, after counting everything up, it came out fairly average. It’s always interesting to me to see how the different items move. At some events I won’t sell any Eucalan, like last month. But this weekend I sold several large bottles. The locks weren’t popular at all, but other times I sell loads. I’m definitely seeing that it’s good to have a variety!

Great Lakes Fiber Show

3 thoughts on “shots of the booth

  1. I thought that little check-out box was new. Glad it worked out for you and you actually did ok at the show. Having a check-out counter ( or not)was always a challenge.

  2. I love your new check-out counter. I haven’t heard of Woodland Marketing before, until reading your blog post. Now I need to go and take a look at their website. I too find it interesting to see how many of my items move. My Eucalan Lavender doesn’t move, but is probably because I have the small bottles and not the larger bottles. My rovings didn’t move again this weekend. I did sell a dish cloth though. LOL I am in definite need of variety.

    1. Thanks. I have loads of stuff from Woodland Marketing. It’s light and folds up. They are always having sales, so you basically never have to buy anything at full price!

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