spinning from batts

Since I still have a heap of batts sitting on my dining room table, it’s been hard to resist spinning them. I started with a batt that consisted primarily of brown Romney locks, a bit of bright red Wensleydale top, some sparkles, and some unknown wool locks. I settled on using my smallest top whorl spindle and spun the yarn “fine” (which for me isn’t super fine). It’s probably contradictory to what batts are all about, but I don’t spin interesting art yarn anyway. The fiber was enjoyable to spin and the yarn came out satisfactory. Nothing too wildly exciting, but unusual compared to spinning from top.

wee skeins + spindle
Two finished skeins and one in progress. Spindle from Spanish Peacock.

Later I grabbed a few random batts and spun them into a chunky yarn using my wheel. I tried to pick out the most boring of the bunch (so they wouldn’t end up on my sale table) and it shows. The yarn is a bit awkward looking, but I enjoyed creating it.

"Melody", handspun bulky weight yarn.

Also, I’ve decided my batts are not “art batts”, rather I am calling them “fantasy batts”. They aren’t quite as wild as art batts, but with the sparkle and the colors, I kept thinking about fairies. However, “fairy batts” just make me think of bats you hit fairies with, so I didn’t want to put that image in anyone’s head. Allow these delightful batts to bring a little bit of fantasy to your spinning!

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