spinning wheel for sale

Currently I have this beautiful Country Craftsman Spinning Wheel sitting in my  living room. It was hand-crafted by Joseph Franzek, Jr. from Littleton, Massachusetts. Despite its alluring charm, I do not have a use for it. I am hoping to help it find a new forever home this weekend at the Autumn Fiber Festival in Ashland, OH. I am asking $325 and it comes with a matching stool and distaff. Stop in my booth to give it a whirl.

Country Craftsman

Detta’s Spindle has a few accessories available.

3 thoughts on “spinning wheel for sale

    1. Double drive! Single treadle. It’s so beautiful! The wheel comes off for easier transport. Stands a bit taller than my Ashford Traditional. Unfortunately there is only one bobbin. I found them for sale online.

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