birthday supplemental

Yesterday was my 26th birthday. I didn’t get any fiber-related gifts. No add-ons for my wheel, no nifty little gadgets, no yarn, no books, nothing. I guess this thing has officially moved from being a hobby to a business. Think about it – who is going to give you a new stapler for your office? Does your mom buy you a new keyboard to take to work? No. I suppose the other possibility is that I have everything I need. But then again, there are a few more books on my Amazon wishlist…

I remember – it feels so long ago now – buying the Kromski Sonata as a birthday gift to myself. That post was from 2007, if you can believe it. I hadn’t graduated from college yet. I hadn’t gotten married yet. I hadn’t bought a house yet. I hadn’t even opened my Etsy shop! Wow – so much can happen in such a small amount of time.

where have I been?

That’s a good question.  What have I been up to?  To start, I’m finishing up my third week at a new job.  I’ve met several very friendly ladies there and we are planning to start a lunch hour knitting group!  I’ve also finished knitting the wee shawl I began about two weeks ago.  Now it just requires blocking.  I just happened to make a Knitpicks order for blocking pins and a blocking mat which arrived today.

Last week, January 5th, we celebrated Rich’s birthday.  I spent more time on his cake than any other aspect of his special day.  I got an ice-cream-and-cake cake, scraped off the frosting and smashed peanut M&Ms into it.  Then I got a gryphon printed on rice paper and put that on top.  It was such an adventure, I waited until the moment before he opened his birthday present to wrap it.

birthday cake!

And tonight I’ve updated my Etsy shop.  Henceforth, I will no longer be having regularly scheduled weekly updates.  With my new job, I’m not going to try to fit in all that dyeing, picture-taking, and computer time into my schedule at this point.  It’s more than my brain can handle.  I will continue to update on Thursdays though. So, enjoy this week’s fuzzies.  And perhaps there will be something new next week; I did do some dyeing on Sunday!



best ever

It is possible that I have the most amazingly thoughtful and awesome husband EVER to exist!  He takes me to wool shows!  He suggests road trips to yarn stores!  He buys me tools without needing a suggestion!  He helps me with my business, encourages me to keep trying, and just plain loves me.  Wow.

And he came through again for my birthday!  He gave me my gift and card, saying I had to open the gift first, not the card.  Once I removed the paper, I knew what it was.  He said if I guessed, he’d take it back, so I kept my mouth shut.  But I was right – it was the fast flyer for my Kromski Sonata!  Squeeee!!!  The package, however, said “Fast Flayer”.  Keep those fingers outta there!  And inside the card, he wrote, “Good for one overnight trip to The Woolery”.  Waaah!!  Of course we have to wait until the weather improves, but gee whiz, how cool is that?  I’m going to save my money from the show this weekend and take it to the Woolery.  Neverending thrills.

kick-ass birthday presents!
Books from my mother-in-law and flyer from Rich.
dyed on my birthday
Dyed on my birthday.


a goal has been reached.


Finally, end to a long week and a busy weekend! My sale went super great, leaving my stock severely diminished. I had a lot of positive comments about the display and repeat customers who came back to get more, reporting how much they enjoyed what they bought last year – always a good sign.

craft sale table!

I had also brought some yarn and sold 14 of 17 skeins. That was the biggest surprise. I didn’t think there were that many people here who would be interested in handspun yarn. Definitely something I will continue to offer. The mitts sold the best, as they have done in the past. I love it when people say, “But my fingers are the first thing to get cold!” I sold several neck muffles and snuggly cuffs too, that latter being a last minute addition.


Also today is my 23rd birthday. I do not think I’ll be buying myself a new wheel this year! Having 3 in the house is plenty. Now I’ll be able to get back to dyeing and spinning and finishing up my Christmas present knits.

staying in the house

Saturday, while knitting at Cosy’s, I started a sock using the 2 circulars method. She provided me with the yarn, which she dyed. I want to call them “Forest Walkers” or something. Anyway, the first pattern in the book was a simple ribbed sock in 3 sizes, none of which were mine. Originally I did the child’s medium, but it was determined after turning the heel that that was too small. So I got out my Twisted Sisters Sock Workbook and Knitting Rules by S. Pearl-McPhee, and did something new. I worked a gauge swatch (though tiny) and measured my foot. After finding my numbers in the charts provided, I cast on 56 stitches and went to town! Early into it, I could tell that these were going to fit me much better. I continued to refer to the 2 circs book in case there was something vitally important that I need to know regarding the intricacies of working socks on 2 circular needles. Everything went fine – I made the heel flap using a different yarn, got the heel turned, gussets, and now I’m into the foot and I feel great!

rib socks

This has been a very positive experience, especially after Thursday’s series of unfortunate events.  I must be transparent in my struggles and it has been coming out here. Well, I have not had any formal training in anything – no art, no nothing! At first it was fun just to bumble through things with nothing particular in mind. But now I can’t say that. I want more predictability and I’m just not getting it. I need to take a class or something or just keep trying or just shut up.

A photo of my Birthday Axes from Richard. If you recall, from Saxon Summer, I enjoy throwing axes quite a bit.

birthday axes

what’s in a name?

Laura asked if I’d given the Sonata a name yet. I told her no and asked if she had any suggestions. The Ashford is Eden and the Harp is Eleanor (named in part after an adorable little girl I had the pleasure of meeting at Pennsic – if anyone could convince me to change my mind about having children, it would be her). Anyway, it’s evident that I have an “E” theme going on and I don’t mind continuing it. So, Laura supplied me with this list of names:

Elaine, Effie, Eliza, Ella, Eloise, Elsa, Enid, Erica, Esther, Ethel, Eunice

I enjoy Enid, but my brain gets a bit frazzled between Eden and Enid. The wheel is quite fancy, so maybe Eloise or Eliza.. but Elsa is fun too. Caste your votes!And here are the cupcakes I made for my birthday. I wasn’t sure if making one’s own cake was something one just didn’t do, but I was assured it was fine. But having to encourage people to sing – that was a little ridiculous. And yes, I realize the photo isn’t crisp, but I like that about it!

birthday cupcakes

what else did i get?

The rest of my birthday went fine. Unfortunately it tends to snow a lot and ruin my plans, so we didn’t go out for Japanese like we’d planned on Sunday night. I opened the rest of my gifts though, along with eating some cupcakes. Sunday morning I decided on a whim that I wanted a cake for my birthday. But since I don’t really like “cake”, and I didn’t want to buy one at the grocery store, I made cupcakes instead. Cherry chip with cream cheese frosting (the only kind I like).  I dusted them with snowflake sprinkles.  

As for gifts, from my parents I got Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi with two circs and sock yarn (packaged by Knit Picks); also Vogue Knitting Vol. 3: Colorwork, which I am returning due to its uninformativeness. All it has in it is charts! What if I need help and guidance actually KNITTING WITH MULTIPLE STRANDS? The only instructional photos they had in the back were about doing yarn-overs!  The best gift was from Rich. He gave me a set of three throwing axes. Now I have my very own set that I can become acquainted with. I won’t have to wait for weapons to become available when I want to throw and I don’t have worry about someone else banging them up. Isn’t he thoughtful?

(Photos to come)

I’ve been plodding around the house toting my wheel along with me – into the living room, into the bedroom. I want an excuse to take it with me somewhere. 

happy birthday to…


I realize this all happened rather fast, but everything just fell into place! My LYS happened to be a Kromski dealer, she happened to have a Sonata in the store, it happened to be my birthday, it happens to match my loom… I couldn’t resist.

Kromski Sonata

And here she is. I really wasn’t expecting this to happen so soon. Rich was sure to let me know all the reasons why I should buy it. How can it get better than that? Yes, well, it wasn’t his $500. whoa! At least I got to spend it on something I wanted rather than textbooks I’ll never read, right? Better do it now before I have electric bills to pay.

And just for some humor…