indie gift box!

When Erin Flynn, the designer who created my logo, business cards, and post cards, asked me to be a part of her new project, Indie Gift Box, I had to say yes! First, I knew it would be good for me to participate in something, get my name out there. Second, I definitely wanted to help start this off strong. And finally, it just looked like fun. So I said yes.

But what is Indie Gift Box? According to the website:
We are a company dedicated to promoting independent artists and small businesses! We curate great items every month and organize them into themed boxes that you can purchase. Our goal is to help you discover new artists and companies, and to help those artists and companies grow their businesses!

I decided to send in several of my snuggly cuffs and wristlers. At first I thought about yarn, but the price point was a little high. Plus it would require the recipient to have some further skill to do something with it. The cuffs are small and wearable immediately, so I sent off five to Erin. She will place them in the boxes and some mystery person out there will get them! It could be you! If you are interested in purchasing a box, head over to the website and on July 1, you can place your order. Also, read the blog to learn more about each artist who has contributed. You may find someone there who is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

squares reincarnated

Remember a few weeks ago when I wrote up that desperate plea for test knitters? Well, the ship has sailed on that — the pattern has been rewritten. This morning I finally sat down and took another look at it, making a few adjustments of my own and incorporating the testers’ notes. I’m hoping that in the future I will be better equipped for this endeavor. But feel free to let me know if you find any mistakes.

Special thanks to April and Haizle who were so helpful!

squares cuff

Check out version 2 of the pattern:
Squares Sophisti-cuff

I am laughing to myself because now I am on Ravelry as a “designer” with one pattern. Woo! Link up, friends.