boredom + books

There is a good possibility that I am bored.

I’m tired of shuffling through the same piles of fluff, browsing through the same uninspiring books, spinning the same basic yarns. This feeling of apathy is making it much easier to sell unwanted materials and supplies. FYI, there are still a few grab bags in the shop in case you need some felting or carding fiber.

The next purge has taken place in my library. I’m sure many of us buy knitting/spinning/fiber books because they are on sale or seem interesting at the time. A few years later you realize you’ve never made any patterns from that book or it just doesn’t fit in with your lifestyle. I have a book on shawls — huge shawls. What do I make? Mittens, hats, a very occasional sweater. Never a king bed sized shawl. Out with you!

Getting rid of things is exciting.

But getting new things is also exciting.

So, since I was in need for some inspiration, I took advantage of KnitPicks’ book sale and picked up four new titles for my collection:

I thought it was time to revisit crochet. It’s been 15 years since I learned how to do it, but I haven’t moved much beyond a single chain. I’m 27 now, not 12. I can do a granny square, gosh darnit (I hope). The first book has several lovely, modern patterns that make crochet look nice, not farty. And the second is, as mentioned in the title, an encyclopedia, so it should help expand my general knowledge of stitch possibilities. We shall see.

The Zimmermann book was purchased because I did not have any of her books already, and I felt that I was supposed to have at least one. The last book is full of different types of yarn. I have a few other art yarn books, but this one is far more extensive. From what I’ve seen flipping through it, it looks fairly promising. Now the key is to utilize these books and try something new, not leave them on the shelf for destashing in another five years.

grab bags

It’s done. I finally went through the part of my hideously massive stash that consists of weird bits and pieces, odds and ends — the left overs. It made sense to work on it this week since I’d already pulled a lot of the stuff out into the living room for batt-making.

#carding #handdyed  #wool

Really, that photo doesn’t even give you an idea of it. All of that stuff is keepers!

And sure, I could slowly churn through these left-overs, incorporating them into batts. But in the meantime they take up a lot of space and guess what? There is a LOT of this stuff. Probably more than I could use and more importantly, I’m sick of looking at it. That’s where you get the pleasure of helping me out of this predicament.

I put together 14 grab bags. Each one contains assorted fibers, usually two to three different things and ranges in weight from 3.5 to 4 ounces. They are $5 each and are currently listed in the shop. Any that do not sell will travel with me to the Autumn Fiber Festival in October where I will have additional destash items (undyed fiber and tools). Do me a huge favor and get this stuff out of my house!

PS. The Grey to Green Festival, scheduled for September 21 in Youngstown, OH has apparently been canceled.

need to detash

It’s been on my mind lately. My woolroom is overflowing with so much fiber that I’ll never get to all of it. I know that isn’t unusual — stash enhancement beyond life expectancy is rather common among us. But, I just know there are things buried in here that I will never use. I can’t get to it all, and I’d rather have space for things I want! Therefore, I’ve gone through my stash and pulled out all sorts of things that I want to unload. There’s lots of spinning fiber. Bits of fleeces, weird batts, dyed roving, undyed tidbits. And yarn too, but it’s all commercial. Some are brand new balls, others have been used a bit. At least I don’t have very much of that hanging around.

It will first be available at the Autumn Fiber Event (Stashbusters Swap Meet). There will be a table in my booth with all of the DESTASH goodies. I’m planning to sort through the fiber and price it based on size/weight. But there will only be 2 or 3 different prices. And I’m not labeling things. I’ll do the same with the yarn. Used balls will be one price and unused another price. After the event, I’m going to take whatever is left and make grab bags. Those I will have listed in the shop.

Honestly, this represents seven years of collecting. There are a few items in there that I bought when I first started spinning. It’s just not interesting to me anymore. Time to move on. Time to clear it out!