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So… what’s been happening lately? I had to go through my inventory. After Woolfest, I knew that I’d have a lot of purchasing to do before the fall festival season started. The most important item I needed to restock was my fiber. I’ve only got a few bags of dyed locks left and not many batts. But the starting place for that is the raw fiber itself. I put in an order with Ashland Bay and ended up with three 22 pound bumps. One is Falkland, one is Blue-faced Leicester, and the other is their “Colonial” which is a Corriedale-type wool. The last I planned on using primarily for batt base wool. I started dyeing some of it this week.

dyed fiber

Oddly enough, just after I received the combed top from Ashland Bay, I also got word from the two processing mills where I had fleeces. First Ohio Valley Natural Fibers sent me an invoice. Two days later I got a call from Zeilinger’s that I had two fleeces ready for shipment from them. OVNF sent theirs Priority, so it showed up yesterday.

fresh roving

I’ve also got a new event on the schedule for next month. After being invited for several years and never having that weekend available, I am finally participating in the Grey to Green Festival at Wick Park in Youngstown, Ohio. If you are in the area on September 21, come by for a visit.

fall festival


Don’t forget, I’ll be making my debut at the Apple Castle Fall Festival this Saturday. It’s located in scenic New Wilmington, PA. Hours are 9 am to 5 pm. Come out and get some apples, cider, fall decorations, and MY YARN! It’s going to be a beautiful weekend; maybe your last chance to get outside and enjoy the fall sunshine. See you there!

And I’m excited to announce that GENF now accepts credit cards. Thanks to Rich’s fancy pants Android phone and Square , we now have the ability to swipe your card! Welcome to the 21st century.