friday’s question 06/22

This week has been a hot one. It’s been in the nineties, which I would say is fairly unusual for June in this part of Ohio. Apparently it’s going to be one of those summers. Usually I like to have the windows open to enjoy the breeze and my neighbor’s yapping dog. However, we have air conditioning, and even though I am generally unenthusiastic about fake air, we’ve needed it this week. After turning the house into a little sauna on Monday with two crockpots going and a few burners on the stove, I knew something would have to change. Plus I was hearing even higher temps for the rest of the week. So, I decided to close the windows and turn on the A/C. Even though it is now 15-20 degrees cooler in the house, it still feels warm and I am so sluggish. Also, I feel trapped in here. All week I’ve just been wandering from one thing to the next, not really feeling like doing anything. I think I know why businesses keep their offices so cold. When you are already cold, you keep moving to warm up. But when you are warm, you just want to lie down for a nap. Or at least I do.

I know I’ve got stuff to do to get ready for the show this weekend, but it’s been a challenge to get motivated. In the past summer has been a serious slow-down for me. The heat does not inspire you to turn on the stove for dyeing or sit with a pile of wool on your lap. I need to find some splashy activities to do outside. Suggestions?

Question: How does the weather affect you? Do you change your activities based on the season? Do you find that heat drains your enthusiasm? What do you do in the summer?

where i’m at.

maybe the answer should be “nowhere”.

Remember when I was complaining about Quickbooks a few weeks ago? Well, I finally just started putting in my data and thought I’d made some good progress. Got all my receipts in there along with all the credit card transactions and everything from my bank statement. It felt good, you know, like I’d really gotten something accomplished. Well, here is a piece of advice for you: Don’t get excited. Even when you think you’ve accomplished something, you haven’t. In fact, you probably did it wrong. We met with the accountant over the weekend and I realized I’d forgotten to put in all my mileage info, which apparently is the largest deduction. Everyone just sat there looking at me like I was an idiot. I also found out that I have been assigning things to the wrong accounts and basically all my numbers are off. AWESOME. But the best part is that I still don’t really know what I’m doing. So my job for today is to get at least my mileage stuff in and see how much of the rest I can fix.

And then this afternoon I need to finish up yesterday’s dyeing, which was incredibly uninspired. Some days I get so much done I can hardly believe it. Other days I stand there in the kitchen staring at my pots and dyes. It doesn’t help that I am almost out of everything (again). Next time I order the dye powder, I’m getting the larger jar of yellow. I never do as much with yellow and green as I’d like because I’m being stingy with the yellow. And that’s no way to dye! Also, I’m really annoyed with the Greener Shades. It’s probably something I’m doing wrong, but they just aren’t exhausting. It’s tiresome. Oh yeah, and I’m almost out of citric acid, so I used my vinegar stash, but now that’s gone too. Looks like I have to go head to the grocery store.

Not feeling great about things right now.

look like an annoyed stallion.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I think I am backtracking as far as my knitting capabilities are concerned. So many of my current projects are not getting finished; not just abandoned out of boredom, but frogged from frustration. I feel like I’m knitting quite regularly, but not getting anything accomplished. Nothing to show for my efforts. 

The mug cozy was started 3 or 4 times, but eventually given up on entirely. Sometimes projects make me so mad, I don’t want to make any attempt to finish them. Sometimes I find things half done that were completely forgotten about. I found the feather and fan test swatch this morning. It’s only a few inches long, but I needed the yarn for my weaving project, so I bound off, leaving it a useless 6 or 7 inches.  The cardigan, on the other hand, was rolling along really well. I got so much done in such a short amount of time. However, now I’m to the sleeves and it’s really annoying, not to mention I don’t know what I’m doing – when to decrease? So, it’s been stuffed in a bag and left for now.

feather & fan cardigan in progress

On the Kromski loom I’ve got this little wooly scarf that has been laying around for months. Ok, maybe not as long as I thought. The photos were uploaded in September. You’d think in 8 months I could have finished it. But no. It’s annoying me too. I hate the way the color has turned out – you can’t see the warp threads at all! And my edges are really bad. Now I’ve got something else in mind and I want to get it off the loom. Do I cut it, ending up with lots of short lengths of string and a short, useless “scarf”? Do I rush through just to get it done? Or do I let it wallow on the loom and never get anything else accomplished? 

Well, I brought the loom to work with me this week. While gallery sitting, I’m going to get the stupid thing done! I want to wash it and see if some of the annoying parts are lessened.

Swish Scarf