some knits

Here is the sad truth: I don’t knit much anymore. It’s a bit comical when you think about it. Ever since I walked away from an office job to pursue a career in fiber arts, I cut way back on my knitting. It’s partly due to stress on my hands, but I think it’s also due to time. Now that I have more time and I could do it at any time, I don’t want to. Some of the magic is gone I suppose.

But since I’m going to Handmade Arcade this weekend in Pittsburgh, I figured I ought to get some knitting done. Here is a sampling of my new fingerless mitts. I even finished the pair of flip-top mitts that I started a mere three years ago.

feather 'n fan mitts

flip-top mitts

fingerless mitts


A few years ago I realized three things. 1) I have a lot of tiny balls of handspun yarn. 2) I have lots of neat old buttons. 3) I need to sell something cheaper than a pair of mitts. And that is when I started to crochet ‘snuggly cuffs’.

snuggly cuffs
Snuggly Cuffs

They were super easy to do and used very small amounts of yarn. Well, recently someone pointed out to me just how easy they are to make, and while I found that comment irritating, I realized he was right. Sure you need to do something that is easy for you, but you don’t want it to look easy. So instead of just griping about it, I decided to take a different approach. I got out my stitch dictionary and reconsidered some of those interesting patterns I’d always wanted to try.

sassy cuffs
Sassy Cuffs

Before I knew it I had a fun little assortment — cables, lace, seed stitch. Last year’s new tiny item was the wristler, so maybe this year I’ll have ‘sassy cuffs’! I’ve found that it’s similar to doing a neckwarmer except that it is so much smaller and quicker. Plus it’s giving me a chance to test out some stitch patterns that I’ve wanted to use in mitts, but couldn’t be bothered to swatch. Win win win!

hand model w/ bracelets