Ok, so Rich and I watch COPS kind of a lot. He says it makes him feel better about himself. I enjoy the old ones where everyone wears eyeglasses the size of saucers and the moustaches are large and robust. Nothing quite compares to an episode of COPS from 1987. To be honest, even some of the newer ones look dreadfully out of date.

But whenever they pull someone over and discover drugs in their car, certain things sound familiar. “We’ve got baggies, white stuff, and a scale in the trunk. There’s definitely an intent to sell.”


new hat for mom

My mom requested a new hat, so I decided to get right on it.
I started it on January 8 and completed it on January 9.
And then I gave it to her before getting a photograph.
But a few days later I took it home to get a picture.
And then I didn’t get around to photographing it for weeks.
But today the sun came out.
So I finally got a picture of the hat
And now I can give the hat back to her.

She says it makes her think of Spanky from Little Rascals.



Pattern: Reggae by Emily Rossa Field
Yarns: Handspun, handdyed domestic wool and handspun natural wool/alpaca blend

loose ends

As in weaving loose ends, tying up loose ends, fiddling with loose ends…

Tomorrow is the beginning of Pennsic and that will take me away until August 15. We’ve been ready to go for some time, especially considering the trailer, which was ready to go a month ago. Our food is bagged, clothes on hangers, bedding washed and folded, miscellaneous items stuffed into any small space it can fit. Everything is just sitting patiently, waiting for us to load it into the car, hop in and drive away! I’m so excited about Pennsic this year. Thanks to unemployment, I get to go for the full two weeks. And being so busy this summer, I’ve made no plans and have no expectations. However, I do have a tunic to finish sewing. I started a white linen undertunic for Rich and have been hand-sewing the edging (hem, cuff, neckline). It made me realize just how much I enjoy hand-stitching. That’s about the only thing I have to do for the entire time! haha!

While I’m away, the Etsy shop will be closed, but I plan to have a big extraordinary sale upon my return. I would like clear out some of my old stock and start fresh this fall. I have a lot of spinning, dyeing, and knitting to do in order to get back into the groove and be ready for the winter rush.

Speaking of knitting and winter, I have finished two pairs of mittens recently. The orange and brown pair, which I blogged about, has been completed for some time. I like the way the waffle check came out across the whole mitt. The blue and brown pair was made using another stitch pattern I picked out from the Essential Guide to Color Knitting Techniques by Margaret Radcliffe. It is simply “bricks”. The brown from that pair is the same alpaca from the orange pair. And the blue is handdyed/handspun BFL. It’ll probably show up again since I have quite a bit of it left. They are being washed right now!

finished mitts!

Be back in two weeks! Until then.

alpaca: beyond samples

The past few weeks I’ve been trying to spin alpaca yarns to show at the farm day event that occurred last weekend. Overall it went well, except for the completely dreary weather on Saturday. Sunday morning we had a birth right at the farm. One of the momma alpacas had a little girl. She had gotten up yet when I left later that day so I’m hoping she’s doing better.

I orchestrated a swap with one of the alpaca owners. She wanted some dyed fiber spun into yarn, so I took that and a big pile of natural colors to spin for myself. My plans for it include mittens for the Christmas show. I think folks will respond to “Handspun Alpaca in Natural Colors” especially since I have some black (close enough anyway). Everyone is always asking about black. Not going to do that!! Plus it’s really boring, but if it’s a natural color fiber I don’t mind so much.

alpaca to be spun

Also, I used the left-over yarns from the green striped hat to make a pair of fingerless mitts for myself. I think I’ve always wanted a matching set, so now I’ll have one! Green and white stripes with brown coat – it should work. Although I’ve never been concerned about matching in the past, so really it doesn’t matter.

mitts to match

We’re finally meeting with the caterer tonight. What’s on the menu? I have no idea!

alpaca samples: tiny hat

Continuing with the alpaca theme, I made a small beret with the left-over yarn from the fingerless mitts. Unfortunately I am incredibly bad at guessing how much yarn it will take to finish a project. Therefore, I ended up with a very tiny hat that doesn’t quite fit any of my stuffed animals. Too small for Flick and slightly too big for this other little monkey.

And guess what? I still have yarn left over from that ball!

itty bitty beret

itty bitty beret