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Third event of the year behind me already! I spent Saturday with Ana (Wren & Rita) at A Knitter’s Fantasy and it was a really great day. Usually the market is rather quiet during classes, but this year it seemed that we had traffic evenly throughout the day. My lack of inventory was painfully obvious as I set up, and now after the show I am very low. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy so I don’t embarrass myself at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. In between now and then I’ve got two camping events, a visit to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and major dental work. I need to do some serious scheduling.


Remember how we bought a house three years ago this summer? We worked so hard to get it ready before we  moved in, but there were a few projects that had to wait.

front view

For instance, the bathroom is still weird (no mirror/cabinet, unfinished floor, bathtub without a shower head). The plan was to finish off the mudroom first since it needed insulation, drywall, flooring, basically a lot more stuff. However, it’s been a very sloooow process. We are now to the stage of putting mud on the drywall, so I decided to take a picture. Soon we will be ready to paint! And then eventually put in the cabinets and storage this house so desperately needs. Someday…


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who stole the cookie…

…from the cookie jar? Gwen stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

This past weekend my dad and I had a day out together. We stopped at a flea market in Hartville. At the first booth we went past, I glanced down to the bottom of a shelf and saw the most adorable cookie jar. I squealed with delight, catching the attention of the vendor. “Does that mean it’s sold?” he asked. Once I saw that he had it priced at $3, I shouted, “Yes, it’s sold!” One of the best things about this cookie jar is that no one’s head has to come off to get to the cookies. I really hate those kind. Big-eyed owls, bears in costume, dogs and cats. Creepy! Nothing creepy about this jar.

cookie jar

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friday’s question

For some reason I often feel compelled to explain my style to people. I realize it’s not fancy, ornate, highly decorate, complicated, or even that unique. I tend to dress plainly without accessories. There aren’t multiple layers with interesting colors and patterns. Pants. Shirt. Shoes. And I’m basically ready to go. It’s not that I don’t appreciate a lively print or an intricate piece of jewelry; I just chose not to wear them. Recently I started wearing a small brass brooch that I bought at Pennsic. It’s sort of like a six-peddled flower, but it doesn’t have any little gems or enameling. I feel comfortable with its simplicity. With that brooch and a small pair of earrings, I am about as accessorized as I can manage.

Being that I tend to dress and style my home in an unadorned way, my work mimics that. The mittens and tea cozies that I knit are not complex. I rely on the depth of the color, natural or dyed, and the texture of the fiber to create that special item. I’ve been experimenting more with different stitch patterns and have found that they add a certain bit of intrigue to the overall piece, but generally I just like to keep things simple. In this last batch of mitts, I allowed myself to add decorative buttons. I had to convince myself it was acceptable to attach a “useless” button to the mitten. Once I did, I found it rather enjoyable selecting the perfect button that would highlight the colors and deciding where to place it. This manageable amount of flair is something I may continue to explore, along with colorwork and various stitch patterns.

Question: How would you describe your style? Do you see that style reflected in your work? In your blog? In your home? How do you challenge yourself to try something new? Include photos if you wish.

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