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Olive makes her onscreen debut in this excruciatingly long video! A full 2 minutes of Olive sometimes paying attention to and sometimes ignoring a skein of alpaca yarn as it goes whizzing past her head. When I say my studio is “pet friendly” that may be an understatement. “Pet infused” may be a better description. Enjoy!

friday’s question

me & olive On Wednesday I got my camera out to take photos of a new hat. And while I was snapping a few shots, guess who showed up? Olive. She seems to be everywhere I am. When I sat down to type up this blog post, she immediately jumped into my lap. She fits herself snugly in between my stomach and the edge of the laptop. Every once in awhile she puts a paw on the keyboard. Sometimes she rests her head across my wrist. She’ll even sit on my lap while I’m spinning. It doesn’t seem to bother her that my knees are going up and down beneath her. Sometimes I change my plans so I won’t disturb her. Oh, cat.

Question: What is the most distracting thing in your house? What keeps you from getting work done? If you have pets, do they follow you around when you are at home?




and there’s her contribution to the post. I’m not sure if she’s really that clingy or if she’s just cold. Probably cold.

indie knit & spin

Back from Indie Knit & Spin in Pittsburgh, PA. We had a great, supportive group come through during the day. And of course it was a pleasure spending the day with like-minded people and talking about wool. We’re all jazzed up and planning for next year.

booth at Indie Knit & Spin
Booth at Indie Knit & Spin, Nov. 2011

I took this picture of Olive last weekend while I was photographing my fibers. She always finds the sun spots and she’s always squirming around when I try to take a picture.

sunny cat in motion

a better view

Olive – the cat – has decided it’s safe to come out now.  She’s been very active in the mornings and evenings when we’re home, though she seems to sleep during the day whether we’re there or not.  She sleeps on our bed at night, insisting on laying ON me – my leg or foot.  And whenever anyone goes up or down the stairs, she has to run along with them.


Her favorite place to sleep during the day right now is in our bed.  She burrows up from the side, getting underneath the comforter.  That small bump in the middle of the photo is the cat.  The first time she got in there, we didn’t know.  Couldn’t find her for hours.  She likes to be warm.

Olive under blankets