things i want to talk about

1.) My hair looked great when I got up this morning. Not different than usual, but it was looking good. I get my hair cut every four weeks. When you keep it short, you have to keep it short, so that means frequent visits to your hairdresser/stylist. It’s my one vanity thing. I don’t get manicures or massages or eyebrow waxes. The guy that cuts my hair doesn’t even wash it anymore. I just plunk down in the chair, he cleans it up, and off I go! About two haircuts ago, I decided I wanted to try something different. Let’s grown it out on the sides instead of cutting my ears out. We tried that for about two months, but it never really settled in. I called it the “Jim Trafficant” (if you don’t know who that is, go look him up). The hair on the sides when straight down, while the hair on top got tall and poofy. It did not work. When I got it cut in January, we went back to my old standby: shorty all around, long on top. It works, so I think we’ll just stick with that for now.

2.) This is the year I keep up with my bookkeeping. I probably say that EVERY YEAR, but this time I mean it. Even though the data entry isn’t that time consuming — especially after I figured out that doing a single receipt per day with the item totals rather than an individual receipt for each transaction — putting it off buries me with unnecessary stress. I can’t remember why I sold a thing in February 2015 when I’m inputting receipts in January 2016. If I keep up with it, things will be fresh in my mind and maybe everything will make more sense. Today is the day I start on my new journey. The first of the month will be DATA ENTRY DAY.

3.) Sewing things! Last year around this time I decided that I would claim sewing as my hobby. Spinning, dyeing, and knitting has gone the way of job, so I needed something that was just for me. I spent the year collecting patterns and modern fabrics, making something now a then, primarily dresses. Around Christmas I picked up a few new sewing pattern books by Japanese designers. I love how simple the clothes are – no zippers, no knits. Just straight forward linen with a button here and there. I’ve made a few dresses so far, mostly “shapeless bag dresses”, as I call them. On Friday I made my first piece that was NOT a shapeless bag dress. It was a boatneck top. The entire time I was working on it, I was convinced it would be too small. I had the pieces on the dressform and it just didn’t seem like it would work. But, as I tend to do with most things, I didn’t let that stop me. When it was all done I put it on. It went on! And it fit! Really well! A surprising success.

4.) Saturday I went shopping with my husband to look at food processors. When we got married six years ago, I got one then at the suggestion of my mother. It wasn’t anything too fancy since I had no idea that I even “needed” it. But now that I’ve been using it regularly, I could say more confidently what I did want. In preparation, I had watched some videos on YouTube and read reviews. In my mind I had settled on a Cuisinart, but when I saw it in person and struggled fruitlessly to remove the bowl from the base and the lid from the bowl, we both decided to consider another option.

cashew butterThat’s when we ran into the Breville Sous Chef. Sleek! Easy to use! A lot more money than the Cuisinart! But I could see this thing sitting on my kitchen counter getting used a lot. So we went over to Bed Bath & Beyond (20% off coupon) to see if they had it. Yes, but just one! “You better keep your hand on that,” husband says. I didn’t think there was going to be any kind of battle over it and they probably had another in the back, but I kept my hand on it just in case. We decided pretty quickly to get it. In addition to the coupon, I also had one of those Visa gift cards floating around in my purse from two Christmases ago, so we used that too. Gift card + coupon = paying half the sticker price. Weee!

Unfortunately I couldn’t use it right away when we got home. Dinner from the night before was still lingering in the kitchen, so after cleaning up, I tested out the new appliance with a batch of hummus. Whoa! It was nice. And all the things I didn’t like about my old processor had suddenly disappeared. Sigh of relief. I also made cashew butter and cracker dough and sliced cheese and sausage. It was very satisfying. The slicing blade has 24 different thickness options!!!! WHAT?! My old processor had ONE. I want to go use it right now.

where i’m at.

maybe the answer should be “nowhere”.

Remember when I was complaining about Quickbooks a few weeks ago? Well, I finally just started putting in my data and thought I’d made some good progress. Got all my receipts in there along with all the credit card transactions and everything from my bank statement. It felt good, you know, like I’d really gotten something accomplished. Well, here is a piece of advice for you: Don’t get excited. Even when you think you’ve accomplished something, you haven’t. In fact, you probably did it wrong. We met with the accountant over the weekend and I realized I’d forgotten to put in all my mileage info, which apparently is the largest deduction. Everyone just sat there looking at me like I was an idiot. I also found out that I have been assigning things to the wrong accounts and basically all my numbers are off. AWESOME. But the best part is that I still don’t really know what I’m doing. So my job for today is to get at least my mileage stuff in and see how much of the rest I can fix.

And then this afternoon I need to finish up yesterday’s dyeing, which was incredibly uninspired. Some days I get so much done I can hardly believe it. Other days I stand there in the kitchen staring at my pots and dyes. It doesn’t help that I am almost out of everything (again). Next time I order the dye powder, I’m getting the larger jar of yellow. I never do as much with yellow and green as I’d like because I’m being stingy with the yellow. And that’s no way to dye! Also, I’m really annoyed with the Greener Shades. It’s probably something I’m doing wrong, but they just aren’t exhausting. It’s tiresome. Oh yeah, and I’m almost out of citric acid, so I used my vinegar stash, but now that’s gone too. Looks like I have to go head to the grocery store.

Not feeling great about things right now.


It is possible I might punch someone in the face. So don’t come knocking on my door today. It’s kind of a long story, but I’ll try to keep it brief.

Last spring I bought QuickBooks Pro 2011 (it was on sale). I had planned to get all of my stuff in there so when tax season rolled around again, I’d be ready. Also, I determined it would be a good idea for me to keep track of things better. However – you guessed it – I waited until now to try and figure out how this stupid software works. We are meeting with the accountant on March 3 and I am in trouble. At the library I picked up a copy of QuickBooks for Dummies. But I must be a real dummy because it still isn’t clicking. I go back and forth between having a brilliant break-through only to realize later that I put something in five different places and now it thinks I have 400 teabags.

All I want it to do is 1) keep track of what I sell 2) keep track of what I buy and 3) compare them so I know how much money I am losing.

So I have been sitting here the last two days trying to work through it. I have amassed a silly amount of stuff around me and the cat insists on sitting on my lap. At least I was smart enough to stop turning on the TV, which was far too distracting. In fact, Olive is here right now trying to figure out where to put her butt.

Making it "work".
Yes, that is a glass of water, a cup of tea, and lunch.