yarn sitings!

One of my customers from the Pgh Knit & Crochet Festival has already created something with the yarn that she bought. Emily purchased a skein of 2-ply Falkland called Cascading and knitted Thorpe by Kirsten Kapur. Check out her project details and additional photos on Ravelry.

I didn’t get any photos of this yarn before taking it to the show, but it looks great knitted up. I can’t tell you how exciting it is for me to see my yarns in use. Thanks for sharing, Emily!

Also, my yarn brand is now connected to my Ravelry profile. Next time you use one of my yarns or fibers in a project, you will find it in the database. Check it out here! I had a bit of trouble setting it up – wasn’t sure how to categorize things. Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement.

another box!

Yep, the boxes just keep coming. And this time it was an impulse buy.

I recently joined a group on Ravelry called Fleece Market. It’s a place where farmers can sell their fleeces and people like me, who just loiter around the farms but don’t actually do anything with sheep, can buy fleeces. Even though I prefer to see, smell, squeeze, and ponder my fiber before purchasing, I thought this might a good way to get ahold of some breeds I haven’t been able to find around here. And without a whole lot of thought, I “popped” on a 5 lb white BFL cross from Iowa. The fleece belongs to Sophie, who has a rather complex lineage it seems. Her mom is 1/2 Romney, 1/2 Corridale and her dad is 3/4 BFL, 1/4 Merino. Phew! Pretty exciting, eh? I was planning on dyeing this weekend, so I’ll wash some up to see how it looks clean. From what I have already seen, I think it’s going to be a good one.


This year I decided to start doing paid advertising. I’m making everything else “official”, why not try getting my name out there more? One great thing about the fiber arts community is that it has a vast internet presence. For example, Ravelry is chocked full of advertising opportunities. It’s easy, low cost and low risk. A few years ago I ran an ad in their marketplace, but the only people who saw it were specifically looking for ads; they don’t just pop up and surprise you. Even though notebook ads and group forum ads rotate, they appear on every page without the reader having to do anything extra. I thought it was time to take the next step and try a more prominent  ad.

There were a few things standing in my way to reserving a spot.

  1. Getting over the initial apprehension. I felt intimidated by the idea of advertising. I know how important it is, so I didn’t want to go about things in a casual manner. At some point I figured that if nothing came of it, I only lost a few dollars. If it worked, I could gain some new customers. Either way, I decided it was worth the risk and dove in.
  2. Reserving the spot. In the past, I’d often forget to check when the next month’s ads were open, so I’d miss the rather small window to reserve a space. At the end of December I read up on all the advertising info and wrote myself a note so I wouldn’t miss the next deadline. Now I know that ads open at the same time every month, so I’ll be ready in the future.
  3. What to advertise? I started paying attention to what other vendors were putting in their ads and took notes. I could do a general ad for my business; I could advertise a particular fiber; or I could advertise a particular item. That got me thinking about my products in a new way and helped me decide what to put in my ads.
  4. Creating the ads. I used to maintain several fan sites in high school, so I was used to creating banners. And this was a bit more of a challenge. However, thanks to Erin I now have a lovely logo that I am proud to display. But there is more to it than just the logo. I started playing around with a few ideas, some text only, some with images. Each one highlights something a little different. Now I’m having fun!

Here are a few of the ads you might be seeing floating around Ravelry group forums this month. Notebook ads will start running in February.

bored at work.

what do i want to do next? i’ve been meandering around ravelry for a while now, going through patterns in books i own. surprisingly, i’ve knit more than i thought! however, i haven’t been taking pictures of any of it! there are a few patterns i’ve queued, but more than that, projects i’ve added that need photos. i’ll have to dig them out and photograph them.additionally, i could do some weaving… it’s been quite a while since i’ve worked on my scarf.  i really need to finish and wash it so i can see how the yarn holds up before buying excessive amounts. it’s fingering weight. not my favorite.