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Third event of the year behind me already! I spent Saturday with Ana (Wren & Rita) at A Knitter’s Fantasy and it was a really great day. Usually the market is rather quiet during classes, but this year it seemed that we had traffic evenly throughout the day. My lack of inventory was painfully obvious as I set up, and now after the show I am very low. The next couple of weeks are going to be very busy so I don’t embarrass myself at the Great Lakes Fiber Show. In between now and then I’ve got two camping events, a visit to Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and major dental work. I need to do some serious scheduling.


Remember how we bought a house three years ago this summer? We worked so hard to get it ready before we  moved in, but there were a few projects that had to wait.

front view

For instance, the bathroom is still weird (no mirror/cabinet, unfinished floor, bathtub without a shower head). The plan was to finish off the mudroom first since it needed insulation, drywall, flooring, basically a lot more stuff. However, it’s been a very sloooow process. We are now to the stage of putting mud on the drywall, so I decided to take a picture. Soon we will be ready to paint! And then eventually put in the cabinets and storage this house so desperately needs. Someday…


And just in case you haven’t had enough updates from me, the latest issue of the newsletter is live.


Let’s just turn back the clock for a moment and remember what was happening with the Browns this time last year.  We had just bought this house: a little white bungalow for which we had many high hopes.

front view

sold! to us
This is what we started with in June.  We spent every single evening at the house, sanding, painting, cleaning, painting more.  I just had to take a look at where we began only one year ago!

in need of routine

I think we’re finally getting back into some sort of routine.  It’s funny how important routines are for humans.  Without them, many of us tend to be forgetful and unproductive.  At least that is the case for me.  Several things have made finding that needed routine difficult.  Something as simple as not having an outlet to plug my alarm clock into has made waking up in the morning a concern.  I’ve set my cellphone alarm, but before I realized I needed to select the Mon-Fri setting, I created a new alarm every day.  One morning the alarm didn’t go off because I hadn’t changed it from PM to AM.  Luckily I woke up in time to get Rich to work without him being too late.  Another quirk of the house is the location of the shower, which is in the basement.  We’re still trying to figure out where to leave things, like towels and clothes, so they can be easily accessed when we need them.  Neither bathroom has any really storage cabinets or counter space, so right now I’m storing toothbrushes at the kitchen sink and basically every other bathroom item is in a box.  That includes my deodorant which I haven’t used for over a week.  Plus there’s the unemployment aspect of this situation.  I know that I should be unpacking boxes, but that back room is just so full and really, I don’t know where most of that is going.  I finally found a reasonable place for my vitamins, so at least we’re back to taking those in the morning.

I do love the way the sunshine comes into my bedroom windows in the morning.  For 10 years my room was located in the basement, and I missed the natural light.  Now I have plenty! Each morning I just spring out of bed, which is odd because now I don’t HAVE to get up to be somewhere.  Why is it that once it’s my decision when to get up, I get up early, but if I have to be someplace, I want to stay in bed?

Anyway, I just posted 24 new HOUSE photos to my Flickr account.  If you are interested in the progress that we’ve made, which is significant, please head over to my “1925 House” collection and take a look. Here is a selection:

reno 6.20.10
Bright yellow kitchen with new refrigerator and stove
reno 6.25.10
Pocket doors between living room and dining room - very dirty
reno 6.24.10
Back bedroom painted blue (also living room color)
reno 6.19.10
Hall/stairs patched and painted

more pops of color!

As you might expect, I like color!  Bright ones, fun ones.  Which is why we (we meaning me) chose perky colors for the walls of our new house.  I didn’t want colors that were so pale, they looked like nothing.  You saw the bright blues in the living room; we are using those colors upstairs in the bedrooms.

This weekend we focused on the front bedroom. The cracks and dings have been patched all along the walls. We filled in the gaps in the woodwork; painted the trim a fresh white. The darker blue from the living room and the yellow from the kitchen were the paint colors used. It is quite bright and we’re very pleased with the way it turned out!

bedroom reno 06.10
bedroom 06.12

say goodbye to the PINK!

Up to this point we have completed the painting in two rooms, one of which is the living room.  Originally the walls and ceiling were both pink; now the ceiling is white and the walls are blue.  The majority of the room is light blue, but one wall is a darker blue which we also used on the cornices over the windows.  All the trim was brightened up with new white paint. It’s looking good and encouraging us to keep going.

PS. We also finished the spare room.

reno 06.06.10

reno 06.06.10

here we go!!

front view
View from the street

It’s been one week since we successfully closed on our H O U S E.  Thursday night when we got the keys, we stayed at the house until midnight.  Since then, it’s been one long day after another.  Some progress is noticeable, but most of it consists of spackling, caulking, scraping, sanding.  However, Monday we finally got some real paint up on the walls and I am very pleased with the color choices!  I can’t say for certain why I chose the blue for the living room, but we both really like it.

You can follow our progress by checking out this collection on my Flickr account.  It’s named “1925 House” after all those neat shows where they had modern folks experiencing life at other times in history.  If you’ve never seem them, I highly recommend it.  There are several different ones including the 1900 House, 1940s House, Frontier House and others.  Needless to say, our house was built in 1925.  Even though we are not trying to completely recreate the style of the times, it’s still pretty nifty to think of what was going on when this was built.

Most of the first floor is a complete mess right now.  Luckily we have all of June to get things in order before we are moving in.  All of the furniture was left in the dining room and the tools have been abandoned in the kitchen.  I tried to take some of the wallpaper off, just to see what it was going to take.  You can see that I didn’t get very far.  We discovered in the process, however, that the soffit was placed on the wall, rather than actually being the wall.  Basically this means we can remove it and put in cabinets instead.  That’s awesome considering we’ve got 9 foot ceilings throughout the first floor.  Think of all that storage!

Wallpaper in kitchen
kitchen is a mess!
Made a mess in the kitchen

things just got interesting…

This is the status of things: Friday night Rich and I made an offer on a house.  By Saturday night we found out that they excepted.  We have a few more things to do before the keys are ours, but it will be sometime next month I’m assuming.  I’ve never bought a house before, so this is all quite new to me.  However, we are quite excited.  This house needs a bit of work; cleaning and painting being two significant things.  I took a lot of pictures last week when we were there and have compiled them into a photobucket account.  That way, as we make progress on the fixing up, I’ll have before and after pictures.  It’s also available for anyone who wishes to see our new “bungalow”.

The house was built in 1925 and has a few charming original features of the time.  Or at least older features.  For instance, several of the light switches are push button, as seen here.  We also have some great old linoleum in the closets, which I would like to maintain but Rich is not so sure about.

bedroom,before renovating
Additionally, the upstairs bathroom contains a clawfoot tub.  The plan is to buy the parts necessary to make it into a shower, but they are not cheap!  After always saying as a kid that I would love a clawfoot tub, I can’t very well send this one out to the curb!

bathroom,before renovating

And in the upstairs bedrooms the ceilings are rounded, or angled.  The only light fixtures in the bedrooms and bathroom are small porcelain-based wall-mounted lamps (one in each room).

bedroom,before renovating

Anyway, there are lots more photos in the House Project album, which I hope to be adding to soon and regularly!  I don’t know how much this will effect my fiber productivity this summer.  It depends on how organized I am and how much work there is to be done and how much help we have and my personal ambition.  I am aware of my own inability to successfully multi-task. heh.