I used to knit A LOT. Every day. I had projects with me at school, at work, getting my oil changed, sitting in church, in the evening, etc. But my hands and wrists started to protest, so I slowly transitioned away towards other things. Also, I got bored. I felt bad for not wanting to do it anymore.

In the last two years, since opening the Shop, I’ve come back to knitting. Not just that, but I’ve been exploring crochet much more too. And I’m loving it again! My latest FOs have been more for my own enjoyment and curiosity. My new favorite yarn is ENID, the DK weight Blue-Faced Leicester that I’ve been dyeing. I’ve made three shawls and a hat so far.

GE Hand-dyed Enid DK weight
>> Reversible Pleat Hat from Purl Soho
>> Desert Winds Scarf from Make & Do Crew

Brown Sheep Co. Shepherd’s Shades heavy worsted weight
>> Wall Basket from Yarn Craze (Rav link)

upcoming classes

Are you a scarf knitter? Ready to move on? Shawls are a great way to move into more complex knitting. Designer Megi Burcl has designed two shawl patterns that use a combination of handspun and commercial yarns. You will receive a copy of each pattern at either class, so you can come to both or choose depending on your skill level.

Each class is $15 per person. You may bring your own supplies or purchase them at the shop at a 10% discount. You will need about 300 yards each for both shawls. Samples were knit using about 100 yd aran weight handspun and one skein of Brown Sheep Co. Lamb’s Pride (190 yd).

To reserve a spot, you can let me know via email ( I also have events set up on Facebook – Part 1 and Part 2.

Part 1: Phos
March 4 from 2-4 pm
Advanced Beginner

Skills: Knit & purl. Circular needle. Reading a pattern.
Yarn: Approx 300 yards total. 100 yd handspun, 200 yd commercial.
Needle: US 10.5-11, depending on gauge.

Part 2: Lux
March 18 from 2-4 pm
Skills: Knit & purl. Directional increases and using stitch markers. Circular needle. Reading a pattern.
Yarn: Approx 300 yards total. 100 yd handspun, 200 yd commercial.
Needle: US 10.5-11, depending on gauge.


progress in pictures

Thanks to Instagram, I am now documenting everything down to the last insignificant moment of my day. I baked muffins? Photo! New shoes? Photo! Cute kitty pose? Photo! Project in the house? Photo! Spinning yarn? Photo! It may get a little dull sometimes, but the up side is that when I am in the midst of a knitting project, there are many more process shots.

I finally finished the Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief using approximately 250 yards of handspun Shetland wool and size 8 needles. For each section I used a different color of yarn. The pattern was so easy and quick. Although my measurements didn’t come out quite as the pattern suggested, it’s much wider than any other shawl/kerchief I’ve made. I didn’t make any adjustments, just followed the instructions as is.

Three shades of #Shetland. #handspun #wool #yarn

Shetland triangle shawl. #nodyes #WIP #handspun

Shetland triangle blocking. #shawl #FO #handspun #handknit #natural

In action.

rainbow of shetland

I’ve been sitting on this yarn for at least two years. No wait, I got the fiber on our first visit to Rhinebeck in 2008. Good heavens!

It was all spun using my drop spindle. Initially I thought it would be perfect for a shawl. However, at the time I had never made one and perhaps felt intimidated or that I wouldn’t wear it? Now I’ve made two, so I think I can handle it (and I know I like triangle over half-circle). There should be around 6 ounces all together, though I’m not sure on the yardage. I went through my Ravelry queue to see what patterns I had saved the last time I got shawl fever. I came across the Age of Brass & Steam Kerchief. It has three sections, so I thought that would work well. Now I just need to get it on the ball winder! And then cast on, of course. It’s time to do some stash busting!

Three shades of #Shetland. #handspun #wool #yarn

sakura shawl

I purchased a scarf/shawl kit from Fiber Craft Studio at Rhinebeck last weekend. I stumbled into their booth because it was an open space and then I got trapped when everyone else decided to browse too. They had really gorgeous yarn in there, and they were dyed with plants! I always love looking at other people’s successful natural dyeing experiences, thinking maybe someday I’ll end up with something that isn’t just easy yellow. Anyway, the kit I purchased contained green and pink yarn. But it was so hard to decide. Should I go with something totally unlike me or stick with what I like? The green is my standard and the pink is something a little funky. Or so I thought. Well, apparently I think that a shawl
My new project looks remarkable like this camisole I made in 2009.
frock cami cont.
Or this hat I knit last Christmas.
floppy striped hat
For someone who claims not to like pink, it seems to show up rather frequently. The latest pink and green incarnation is going to be a shawl. I was not so inspired by the kit pattern, so instead I decided to do a half-circle shawl using this really awesome cheat sheet. Being totally new to the shawl game, I wasn’t sure how to go about shaping them. Now I know! Mine is just totally basic with garter stitch and yarn-overs. Next time I’ll try something a little fancier.

shawl is done

Actually, it has been for a week.  And I just didn’t get around to letting you know until now.  I washed and blocked it last weekend.  I used the blocking mat and T-pins from KnitPicks.  The puzzle pieces worked really well.  I just made a shape that matched the shawl!

blocked shawl

It looks pretty large, but it isn’t.  And so I’m not entirely sure how to wear it.  Considering I don’t have anything like this in my wardrobe already, I have no prior experience.  It doesn’t really wrap around, so I think it’s just going to sit on my shoulders as shawls tend to do.

blocked shawl

new year, go for it!

This new year, I’m starting off with knitting something I’ve never tried knitting before.  As you are aware, I’m generally not a huge fan of light-weight yarns.  I don’t spin them, I don’t buy them, and I don’t use them.  But I’ve been trying to spin all ranges and that leaves me with some lighter weight yarns.  One of those I spun this fall while I was at the Volant Pumpkin Festival.  It is made from handdyed Bluefaced Leicester and named Kaleidoscope because of all the colors.  Originally I intended to sell it, but my friend Johanna saw it and suggested I make something for myself.

The yarn is DK weight and I have about 300 yards, so I wanted to knit something light and drapey with it.  Plus, Cosy is always making lovely little shawls, and after seeing her work on one while wearing one, I just had to try it for myself.  The hardest part was deciding on the pattern.  I searched Ravelry and looked through my pattern books.  Eventually I decided on Floe by Hannah Ingalls [rav link].  The most awkward part was starting, since I’d never tried anything like it before.  In the instructions she has “mark center stitch” which confused me, so I put markers on either side of the center stitch.  Unless that’s what she meant…  Regardless, I’m happy with the progress and it’s growing quickly, although there is still a long way to go!

new year shawl

new year shawl