friday’s question

Earlier this week I mentioned a spinning group that I’ve been attending off and on for a couple years (years, really?). Out of all the different knitting circles and crafting groups I’ve wandered into, this is the only one that I continue to participate with. Once I went to my local library for a meeting and I felt very out of place. One woman actually told me, since I was a spinner, that this wasn’t the place for me (the rest of them weren’t that advanced). Another thought she had misdirected me and I should be in the Girl Scouts meeting next door. Even though the library is within walking distance, I haven’t gone back to the group. Other groups I’ve tried have been full of drama, lacked actual discussion about fiber, or been too far away. Sometimes the people are so dreary that I can’t stand to go back. Also, I find that a lot of groups meet during the day, and while this isn’t an issue now, it was a major hindrance when I was in school or working full time. Most of the time I keep to myself, but I suppose some little part of me knows I can’t be an island. That part makes me reach out to find others who have a similar love of fiber. And sometimes I succeed.

Question: Are you a social crafter? Have you ever had any negative experiences with knitting or spinning groups? What makes you return to a group?


I tend not to be a social crafter. I’ve attended a few different gatherings and most of them have not been worth the effort, so a lot goes into my decision to leave the house for any group activity. Some of the questions I ask myself include:

  1. What is the weather like?
  2. Will it be dark when I leave the house?
  3. Am I already in my pajamas?
  4. What else is going on tonight?
  5. Do I feel like driving?
  6. Can I stay at home and be just as productive?
  7. Will anyone notice if I am there?
  8. Do I like these people?
  9. Was I supposed to bring something to a particular person?
  10. Is there a big mess at home that I should be cleaning up [and want to avoid]?

Usually I manage to find an excuse not to go out, but occasionally I find the energy to pack up my wheel, get in my car, and drive to the place of Communal Spinning. And right now that is the Colonial Inn at the Canfield Fairgrounds. Oddly enough, I found out about the group from Cosy when she was at the Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival. Someone from Youngstown was there and told her about it, who then told me, and then I looked them up. I can’t say I go regularly, especially when the weather is foul, but I try.

So stop in the first Monday of the month at 7 pm (that’s tonight!). We’re at the Colonial Inn at the Canfield Fairgrounds! I think it’s unofficially called the Youngstown Spinners Guild.