pyrex for trade!

It’s been a while since I talked about my Pyrex collection. These days I’m busier using what I’ve got than hunting down new pieces, plus I have nearly the entire set of Verde (except one elusive mixing bowl). However, last week I pulled out everything from my two lower kitchen cabinets and discovered a charming item for which I have no use.

It is a Corningware Casser-ette in a Basket complete with original box! It is so adorable, but I’ve never used it. I would rather it go to a good home where someone else would enjoy it. Let me know if you would be interested in trading something for this. I collect mostly green items (and I am looking specifically for the Verde Cinderella bowl #442).

casser-ette in a basket

original box


yarn in action!

Erin recently learned to knit. And she’s been kicking butt. Just a week or two ago I sent her some yarn in exchange for working on my business cards, and she’s already made something awesome with it. Check out these great fingerless mitts! My handspun on top combined with a commercial yarn. Thanks for sharing, Erin!

Fingerless Mitts
Gwen Erin Handspun with commercial yarn

summer colors

My neighbor at Wooster was Marlene, who has her own angora bunnies at home. She had quite an extensive collection of yarn with her, all containing different quantities of angora. All weekend she sat in her booth spinning. And she spun some pretty awesome corespun yarns. I watched intently, as I have not had much success with said technique. So once I got home, I had to try it again. Pulled out some batts I carded last summer/fall and just tried not to over think things. So far it’s still sitting on the bobbin waiting to be plied, but it doesn’t look too bad! I bought some silver and gold thread to ply it with. That’s tonight’s project. 😀

Corespun singles

Last weekend I went to NOAM – Northern Oaken War Maneuvers – and merchanted for the first time at an SCA event. It was a lovely weekend and I got to visit with friends, so it was successful as far as that’s concerned. In the SCA, people like to do things for themselves; or they buy really complicated things they can’t make themselves, like helmets.  But yarn is something that most people either don’t use or make themselves, so it’s a tough crowd. I did make a really great new friend: Katie of Soulare Soaps. She and I did a swap. Yarn for soap! These four yummy looking bars are just that – yummy! She uses only edible ingredients, like cereals and food coloring. I have them sitting right next to my wheel and I can smell them. Can’t wait to try them out!

Soulare soap


Congratulations to Stefania, the winner of a handdyed, handspun skein of Columbia wool yarn. Visit her blog, here.

Remember, part of the rules of this giveaway are that she must create something and share photos of the item within 4 weeks of receiving the yarn. So, once I ship it to her later this week, we will wait in anticipation of seeing what she decides to make with it!

Thank you one and all who participated in my Second Blog Giveaway. I appreciate hearing from those of you who are lurkers, first-time readers, and constant followers. In the next few weeks I would like to orchestrate a handspun yarn swap – nothing too extravagant. Just handspinners swapping a skein of yarn. I’ve participated in swaps before where the goal seems to become outdoing one another. Here I am more interested in sharing knowledge of spinning rather than putting together a package of chocolate, candles, and maybe yarn. Stay tuned for updates and if you are interested, leave a comment!! I love to hear from my readers.

card me happy

It sure is amazing what a difference having the right tools can make. For a while now I’d been using dog brushes to card and blend wool. They were cheap and performed the task to some degree. I can’t say that they made good-looking rolags, but since I had no idea what I was doing, it didn’t matter. However, it prevented me from ever really grasping the concept of handcarding. Now with my great new Ashford Minis, I finally get it! They’re just the perfect size for me and they do the job so well. I used them on a pile of Columbia locks for practice.

fluffy rolags

The subsequent yarn ended up quite lumpy. I didn’t get the second cuts out, so maybe I did something wrong. Or is that the way it’s supposed to be? I realize this looks remarkably similar to another bobbin of yarn from a few weeks ago. I did not do that on purpose.

into yarn

And while I’m here, I received my box from the Thrift Store Treasures Swap hosted on Swap-bot (my first one). She sent me this lovely Pyrex casserole dish in the Forest Fancies pattern, #475, 2.5 L. I think we’re going to use it tonight for dinner!

mushrooms casserole