friday’s question

This week has been about rediscovering lost things while I cleaned and organized the wool room. And perhaps in the spirit of renewal, I have been inspired to wrap up other wayward projects too. For months and months I’ve been staring at a bobbin of yarn, thinking about my original intentions, and trying to decide whether to carry on or change. Do I continue with my plan of spinning two separate bobbins and plying them together? That would be essentially impossible since I could never get the second single to match the first, not to mention the one would be freshly spun and the other months old. And of course the bobbin has been out of commission the entire time. I finally decided to do a navajo-ply with the yarn already spun and just deal with the remaining fiber in another way later. It felt strangely satisfying to liberate that bobbin. It is no longer being strangled by that menacing yarn. I just hated to think about spinning the other half of the project, which is probably why I put it off for so long. It was not a pleasant experience. But now I no longer have the wait of it hanging on my mind.

Question: How do you deal with old, half finished projects? Do you try to complete it as you originally envisioned it, change course, or frog the whole thing? When you have UFOs sitting around, do they weigh on your mind?

friday’s question

Earlier this week I mentioned two unfinished pairs of socks that have been floating around in my mind since 2008. Apparently they are affecting me so strongly that I have been unable to knit any socks since then. I’ve knit hats and mittens and scarves and tea cozies and shawls. But no socks. I think there is a roadblock in my mind that is saying I need to wrap those projects up before I can embark on something similar. Or perhaps the fact that I failed on two counts makes me feel like I just can’t knit socks successfully, which is dumb since I’ve made four complete pairs in the past. So, I’ve decided to frog my mom’s sock (I didn’t get that far anyway). Someday I will use that yarn and start again with a different pattern. As for the cabled sock that was to be mine? It is very unlikely that I could make its mate to match at this point, so it will just remain as it is: one lone sock.

I don’t want these two pairs of socks to continually prevent me from making new socks. They will no longer hold me down. Onward!

Question: How do “UFOs” – unfinished objects – affect you? Do you feel obligated to finish one project before starting another? Do you have many projects going at once? What’s the oldest unfinished project you have still lingering?

socks.. they’re haunting me.

I have a burning desire to knit a pair of socks.

I can’t say for certain the last time I actually successfully knitted an entire pair of socks. To Ravelry! Ok, wow. The last pair of socks I made were finished in 2008. That was the self-striping pair for my dad, who still has not worn them out of fear of destroying them. Just this weekend we had everyone over for a birthday party and I told him how hardy handknit socks are. In fact, I told everyone that I tend to wear my socks for days (and nights) at a time! I think it grossed them out a bit. meh.

dad socks
Dad's first (and only) pair of socks. 2008.

Other than that pair, I have two who are haunting me with their perpetual unfinishedness. Also in 2008 I decided to join my first KAL, Summer of Socks. I got one sock completed for myself, but abandoned it to start a pair for my mother. I had selected two patterns that were more than just stockinette, and perhaps that was the key to my failure. I could handle the cables on my pair, but the lattice on my mom’s sock proved too time consuming. Since this double epic fail, I have not tried to knit socks. Perhaps I felt that I needed to complete these projects before I could move on to a new one. I have decided they will remain UFO’s forever. Time to start fresh with a new pair! And nothing fancy this time.

BFF sock
Half of a pair of socks for me.
snicket in progress
Cuff of my mom's sock (never finished).