friday’s question 06/22

This week has been a hot one. It’s been in the nineties, which I would say is fairly unusual for June in this part of Ohio. Apparently it’s going to be one of those summers. Usually I like to have the windows open to enjoy the breeze and my neighbor’s yapping dog. However, we have air conditioning, and even though I am generally unenthusiastic about fake air, we’ve needed it this week. After turning the house into a little sauna on Monday with two crockpots going and a few burners on the stove, I knew something would have to change. Plus I was hearing even higher temps for the rest of the week. So, I decided to close the windows and turn on the A/C. Even though it is now 15-20 degrees cooler in the house, it still feels warm and I am so sluggish. Also, I feel trapped in here. All week I’ve just been wandering from one thing to the next, not really feeling like doing anything. I think I know why businesses keep their offices so cold. When you are already cold, you keep moving to warm up. But when you are warm, you just want to lie down for a nap. Or at least I do.

I know I’ve got stuff to do to get ready for the show this weekend, but it’s been a challenge to get motivated. In the past summer has been a serious slow-down for me. The heat does not inspire you to turn on the stove for dyeing or sit with a pile of wool on your lap. I need to find some splashy activities to do outside. Suggestions?

Question: How does the weather affect you? Do you change your activities based on the season? Do you find that heat drains your enthusiasm? What do you do in the summer?

high five!

Too busy to take photos! I have just a month left before the holiday sale and I’m seriously trying to create a good show this year. The first year I had five or six pairs of fingerless mitts – for real. I didn’t have much time to prepare. Each year I’ve improved and sold out, so I have to restock every time. It’s exciting and frustrating at the same time. But this year I have LOTS of free time and lots of supplies, so I anticipate having a lot more to offer.

hand stands

Rich made these adorable little hand stands for me using his new scroll saw. They are modeled after the paper hands I put inside my mitts, which is a tracing of my own hand. I’ve been wanting a way to show off my items better, rather than just having them lay flat on the table. Especially because some things just don’t look like anything unless they are worn. Also the reason I made the paper hands. Although, with this I may not do that. Sometimes I think people really just don’t care. They want a “handmade” Christmas present and they don’t want to make it themselves. But I enjoy adding those little touches anyway.

And, the First Snow of the Season! They were predicting it all week and it didn’t come until today. Although, I think it may have snowed last night, but I was asleep, so it doesn’t count.

first snow of the season

just stuff.

I guess I have this thing about having two unrelated subjects to talk about in one day. And guess what? I’m doing it again right now. First, some knitting. I’ve been working on the Snicket Socks since July 10, but I don’t have much to show for it. It’s a really neat pattern and I think it’ll end up really awesome looking, but it is very slow for me. I can’t really do it willy-nilly; I have to give it my undivided attention. So, I’ve only got a few inches done thus far. Perhaps while at Pennsic I will have more free time to give to these socks. I know my mum would like them before the end of the world comes. Initially I was concerned that the colors would be too busy for the stitches and the pattern would disappear, but I think it looks really great.

snicket in progress

Second, the weather! Yesterday around 3:45 a CRAZY storm came blowing in while I was at work. It got really windy and wild, the trees were bending in half, the rain was hitting the side of the building, coming in between the doors. I couldn’t see out – just water everywhere – gushing down the windows! And hail! I was mesmerized and scared at the same time. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything like that. The road out front became a river, street lights were twisted around. It was amazing. While digging out the drains, I found this pile of hail in a corner. The green bits are chewed up leaves.

hail in a corner

hail pile

More photos of both sock and hail in my flickr photostream!